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Big Hair & Polka Dots

What I Wore:

Blouse: Old Navy
Target: Target
Jeggings: American Eagle Outfitters
Candies Sandals: Kohl's
Necklace: Cookie Lee
Satchel: OUFI

You know those late nights when you take a shower and don't completely dry your hair only to find it rather messy and almost unworkable the next morning? That happened to me the other day and I decided to tease it and simply clip it back. I used to wear my hair like this all the time! I'll always be a fan of big hair. How about you?

As for my polka dot blouse, it's such an oldie from Old Navy and I love it. In fact, I think I have worn it more than when I first purchased it. This just goes to show you that saving certain pieces is always a good idea because sometimes that particular trend makes a bigger comeback than the last time. It's funny how that works.

What are some of the oldest pieces in your closet?


Heidi said...

Love the hair! If only I could get my hair to look big! haha. I have lots of hair but it's fine so it's hard to get volume :(

Closet Fashionista said...

Loving this outfit, polka dots are always fun :) And yea, I hate when that happens with my hair...I usually put it in a bun to sleep when it's wet so it won't happen,ha ha
And you can get an owl from Christine's etsy shop: http://delachic.blogspot.com/ :) They are adorable, aren't they?!


Big hair looks great on you! I'm all for half-drying the hair :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

Very fun hair Jen! I love going big from time to time.
And you can't go wrong with polka dots. So many styling options:)

Bella Q said...

I like the big hair- adds Texas size drama- do it again!


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