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Fashion Finds: Gotta Wear Shades

"My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades." - Brad Goreski

Oh, Brad. He always has something so witty to say. I thought this was the perfect quote to share with these few gorgeous shades I've been loving. While you absolutely get what you pay for with designer brand sunglasses, I happened to find some great bargains that were almost identical to the designer options. Maybe you're saving for quality sunglasses? In the mean time you can pick up something similiar that will help to ease your journey towards your dream pair. Or you can just stick with the more affordable sunnies, they're obviously just as fashionable!

Dior & Abbey Lee

Tom Ford & Wendy

Alexander Wang & 80's Purple

Tell me, do you love a dramatic cat eye as much as I do? Are there any sunglasses you currently need to have?


Anonymous said...

I love my Ray-Ban New Wayfarers. I wouldn't mind getting them in black either... Hehe.

Yajaira said...

nice nice nice
love the retro style glasses


Heidi said...

Great finds! Love the first set!


You did such a great job finding similar sunnies! The second set is my fave.

Bonnie said...

Love the shades! I have approximately 29329 pairs of sunglasses. It's an obsession.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Clara Turbay said...

You got style and good taste.

Bella Q said...

Great minds think alike? Perhaps! I love your high end vs budget breakdown of sunglasses- you know its a subject I'm re-evaluating too. I love cat-eyes- the shape is so sexy and classic but they often don't look good with my puffy chipmunk cheeks. However, I do love the Tom Ford version and wonder if maybe the fullness of the bottom part of the frame might look chic-y not cheeky on me! xo. -Bella Q

Melanie Alexandra said...

I knew you'd love 80s Purple! The Abbey Lee ones are gorgeous. I'm not super into sunglasses but you definitely made me want those for a hot minute. Maybe I'll cave...hah!


Julie Khuu said...

Totally agreed! Cat eyes are the cat's MEOW! Loving the exaggerated lenses...Tom Ford's my pick for this bunch! I just snagged Elizabeth and James' Fairfax sunnies in tortoiseshell but now I want a black one to boot! Great picks!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Tasha said...

I can't believe I'm getting to read a post! Missed it! I love the Abbey Lee ones! The price is amazing! Fabulous post as always!

Clara Turbay said...

thanks for your commets, and please use my translate gadget. xoxo


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