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Inspiration Folder

Color-styling tips from InStyle magazine.

Kate Bosworth in a lovely Tom Ford gown.

All the materials you need!

I decided on starting my own version of the infamous Inspiration Board. If you aren't familiar with them, don't worry. My friends Casee Marie and Megan have great examples on their blogs. Instead of using a board to display inspirational clippings and just some of my favorite things I decided, for now, a folder and sheet protectors would suffice. The one inch folder I already had (I'm sure after sorting through my stuff I'll need a wider one) and I purchased the pack of fifty sheet protectors at Wal-Mart for $3.99. This would also be a great way to put a portfolio together. Maybe you make and sell crafts? It could be a catalog to allow your customers to view the work you've done. I myself will probably have a separate folder for guest blog posts I've done and photos I've had taken. You also can decorate the front of the folder or opt to get one that has that sleeve on the outside which would be fun to spice up.

Besides Pinterest, do you have an inspiration board or folder of your own? If not, what would yours look like?



I love this idea. I'm constantly pulling pages out of magazines, but I've had nowhere to put them. Thanks for the inspiration!

Melanie Alexandra said...

Cute idea, lady! Love this...I've been meaning to make my own inspiration board for above my desk. Maybe I'll make that a project for this weekend :) This binder idea is great, too!


kcomekarolina said...

omg! i love the first pic!

xoxo from rome

Tasha said...

I love how you put your inspiration folder together! So easy yet organized!


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