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Our Fashion's Night Out

My mom and I ready to celebrate!

What I Wore

Tank: FNO 2010 Collection
Blazer: H&M (Similiar)
Skinny Jeans: Target
Sandals: Candies for Kohl's
Necklace: T&J Designs
Ring: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Vintage collection at Wal-Mart
Olivia & Joy Bag: T.J. Maxx

Oh and what a night it was! My mom (doesn't she look lovely?), who owns Harvester Products, and I went shopping and enjoyed some delicious treats! Melt is the gelato spot. Our favorite is the Strawberry Cheescake but unfortunately they didn't get their shipment for the day so we took the opportunity to try new flavors. I chose Creme Brule and my mom decided on Strawberry and Tiramisu. I was on the hunt for some new black flats and picked up a pair from Kohl's but I'm not sure if they're going to work just yet (the story of my life). My mom purchased a beautiful Snow White sweatshirt at Forever 21 and sneaked in a headband I had my eye on earlier. I also got a super soft and flowy blouse from Cotton On, which you'll see soon. I'm seriously falling more in love with that place! The register was acting up while my mom was trying to purchase a really cute bag and a pair of pants at Kohl's and had to leave empty handed (the store was closed and nothing could be done) but she was hoping to go back and get those items today. Yes, we were out until everything closed! Oh, and might I add that not only was it Fashion's Night Out but the first of the seasonal drinks at Starbucks also debuted! My mom got the Pumpkin Spice Frapp and I opted for my favorite, the Salted Caramel Mocha Frapp. So good!

Tell me, did you guys go out or did you stay in and celebrate?


Teresa said...

That was fun, Jen!

Anna @ IHOD said...

I love that you all got to spend an FNO together:)
You both are so fab.
Have a great weekend!
x, Anna

Heidi said...

H&M had their grand opening here in Jacksonville so I did not hesitate in going! haha. I went there and did some shopping at other stores. You and your mom are cute, I can see where you get your fashion sense from. ;)

Tasha said...

You and your mom look so cute! Sounds like such a fun night! That gelato looks so yummy! And it seems like you got a lot of great stuff!

I wish we had a cottonon near by. I looked it up and the closest one is about 3 hours away! : ( but it sounds like such a great place!


I didn't go out last night, and actually forgot that it was FNO until I read about it on Twitter. Now that I don't work in fashion retail, it's hard for me to keep track of those things! But you look like you had an amazing time. You and your mom are adorable -- it makes me miss mine! Seems like you got some wonderful items; I'll be checking out that Snow White sweatshirt for sure :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys had an awesome time. I love your outfit!

Dana said...

mmm gelato...

Fashion Tales said...

How cool that both of you went out on FNO, I actually worked that night, but it was fun catching up on the festivities online. I love your necklace! I've not shopped at Cottonon, the site's items looks amazing.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i definitely love your necklaces they're pretty. Fashion Night Out isn't really big here where I live, although some events we have are quite decent too. glad you had such a blast in FNO!


Jamillah said...

Awwwwww, I dies a little that you went out with your mom on FNO, so sweet and she looks super fashionable. I totally love the things you've shown from projects harvester...i just took a peek at the shop again and holy disney friend!!! you both are so cute and smitten with disney! LOVE!


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