Jenmarie is a bubbly and petite thirty-one year old who loves to laugh and always thinks shopping is a good idea. She has been happily married for nine years to the man of her dreams and loves all things Star Wars & Disney. You've stumbled upon her blog of fashion, beauty and lifestyle where she shares her outfits, reviews, beauty tips, favorite things, and inspirational pick-me-ups. Have a look around and send her a note if you wish!

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All Heart by Clinique

Most of you probably know that I love Ulta and I thoroughly enjoy being a member of their rewards program. Just a few days ago I received a special postcard from them saying I should drop in to get an exclusive lipstick from Clinique just because. It made my day! I was lucky the color (All Heart) was so perfect for me. I love how smooth it is and it lasts longer than some of the other lip products I own. I think I've only ever had one Clinique product but I can't even remember what it was. I'm thinking I might purchase their Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Starter Kit. My skin has changed a lot and I've been looking for something new to try. I've heard from a couple of people that they really liked their skin care products. Have you tried their products before or heard of how they work? Fill me in, dearies :)


kaila mo said...

that color is perfect on you!

Anna @ IHOD said...

Ooo love the tone of that color. Looks beautiful on you Jen! Have a great weekend ahead!


I'm normally not a lipstick person but I've been using Clinique lipstick for years. I never go out and buy it otherwise. Their colors are so rich and feel amazing. And I looove your eyelashes, btw!

Jamillah said...

oooo, that color is gooooorgeous on you pretty lady. i think you have the perfect red in your hands :).

Melanie Alexandra said...

Such a gorj shade on you, Jen! I love it :)


Ans said...

It looks great on you, I like Clinique products in general, their Marketing is great, always offering great deals for us in UK.


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