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Fashion Finds: The Bubble Necklace

One of my readers recently asked where they can find the infamous bubble-styled necklace at a good price. The original bubble necklace is by J. Crew and costs a whopping $150. However, many companies and some super crafty people have made their own versions of the necklace that look just as gorgeous. Below are a few examples...

Dove Princess Bib - $38

I've had my eye on this one for a week. I love the colors and have been wanting a bubble necklace so this one might end up in my collection soon. If you sign up for the Bauble Bar newsletter you'll receive a $10 credit too! Click here to sign up!

Coral Bib - $19

The multi-colored bubble necklaces are super cute. This one could easily be worn throughout all seasons. You can find a few more like this one here.

Black with Silver Chain Bib - $12.99

If you're wanting a bubble necklace that looks a little more fancy, an all black option would look stunning with your outfit for the evening. You can also find many more necklaces from this etsy user here.

What do you think of the bubble necklace? If you own one, where did you purchase it from?


Reyna @fashionmist said...

Love those! xx

Heidi said...

I love the bubble necklace! I have one in neon yellow and turquoise. I need to feature them sometime! haha

I found them via Ebay. :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Wow, these bubble necklaces at BaubleBar and Etsy are great dupes of the original and for much better prices. I'm all for that!

Marissa said...

Great finds! Etsy is always such a treasure trove!

Fashion Tales said...

I always liked this style of necklace, I made one as well, but you can definitely grab inexpensive ones, I think my sister got one at H&M some time ago. Love these styles that you chose.

kaila mo said...

ohh i love these! the coral one is my favorite, and they are all such a great deal! thanks for sharing :)

Tasha said...

I love the dove princess one! Pretty colors!


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