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My Italian Charm Bracelets

When I saw this post by Casee Marie, it reminded my of my first Zoppini italian charm bracelet and all the little charms I collected. My family, a few friends and I all had them years back and we wore them just about every day. It's so strange when you suddenly realize you've stopped wearing something and you wonder why. I absolutely loved mine and many of the charms were very special to me. I decided late one night to take mine out and begin wearing them. Who knows, maybe in doing so everyone will start wearing them again!

Top: Mickey Mouse, Gumdrop from Candyland, @ sign, WWJD, Belle, You're so special, January birthstone
Bottom: Heart, Disney Princess, Piglet, Turtle, My Little Pony, Frog, Crown

Top: Princess, Rose, American flag, I love my computer, Oyster from "Alice in Wonderland", Burger,
Bottom: Two hearts, Granddaughter, Papa's Girl, Birthday cake, Monkey, Flower

(Sorry, I included charms from the last photo in this one and didn't realize it.)
Top: I love movies, Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate hat, Star Wars
Top: Minnie's shoe, Ariel, Aurora, Flower

I also have some other charms, blanks and a watch piece that I'm currently not using. Some of the charms I won't ever use again, like the "I love Orlando". I was quite obsessed with Orlando Bloom back then.

There are still many places online that sell these charms like here and here. I also checked eBay and found many listed on there. Did you ever have one of these charm bracelets? If so, what were some of your favorite charms?


Casee Marie said...

Oh my gosh, you had a Captain Jack Sparrow?! Love! I had a pirate flag to mark my PotC obsession, haha. I also had a green Lord of the Rings one, of course. ;)

Your bracelets are lovely, I'm so glad you shared them! I never had enough charms at one time to fill a bracelet, I think I was only focused on it for a little while before I (and apparently everyone who gave me charms as gifts) forgot about it. Shockingly, I don't have any fashion charms and only one book charm. I think what I do have is still reflective of me for the most part. Maybe the most surprising is an Elvis charm. I went through a serious Elvis phase!

Emilie said...

Love the bracelets - very cute!
xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

Fashion Tales said...

I love charm jewellery. I have several charm bracelets. But, I've never had this specific type of style. I just look at the sites, they have so many fun fashion charms that are so unique. Thanks for sharing. xx

Seeking Style said...

I used to have these!

xo Jennifer


Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

I never had one of these but they look very cool.
Thanks or visiting my blo.

Kaimilla Brown said...

I love charm bracelets. The first person who taught me to make one was my mother. She even tries to teach me different variantions and styles. This has been our mother and daughter bonding activity before. Your creations are lovely. - clarksmountainjewelry.com


I never had one of these, but I kinda had a sheltered childhood haha. Suuuper cute, though! Love the charms -- especially the Disney ones of course!

jelly andrews said...

So amazing! This is so fabulous. I really love it. Thanks for sharing this one.


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