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Under My Umbrella

Earlier this year while out in a terribly windy storm, my hot pink umbrella that used to be my mom's (I sort of took it with me when I got married) literally broke while I was out in the pooring rain. Yes, the wind snapped it in half! Since then, I have yet to purchase another umbrella. We're pretty close to November and I thought I should begin looking for a new one. I want it to be cute (of course) but I also need it to be sturdy and well made. Here were a few that caught my eye this week.

DVF Umbrella - ShopBop - $45.00

I love the classic structure and the fun print, but it's rather large when it's not open. Then again, I can't really remember the last time I put an umbrella in my bag. I did win a gift card to ShopBop yesterday though so this purchase may happen.

London Fog Umbrella - Macy's - $40.00

I was drawn to the Burberry likeness of this umbrella. I like the pattern and the brown colored handle. However, there isn't too much information on this one or any reviews available. Is this a sign?

Shed Reain WindPro - Nordstrom - $28.00 & Totes Umbrella - Nordstrom - $26.00

The easier option would be to go for a solid black umbrella like either of these (which also happen to be much cheaper). They both have good reviews and the one from Nordstrom is wind-resistant and is supposed to have extra dry coverage.

Which is your favorite? I still plan on looking around so feel free to recommend any. Maybe you know of some with cute patterns that will also stand up to intense weather? What does your umbrella look like?


Tasha said...

That dvf umbrella from Shopbop is fun! Glad you started looking on their site! Can't wait to see what you choose!

I do like the simple black ones too though. I'm not sure I would want to spend anymore then $20 or so on an umbrella, but since you have a giftcard you have more choices.

Let us know what you choose! : )

Closet Fashionista said...

I have a basic black umbrella but I would like to have a more fun one, he he :)


Oh, yes... I really like that second one! I hope it's high-quality despite the lack of reviews!


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