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How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

If you don't know already, I love Pinterest. I've found so many inspiring things including tutorials and recipes, and most of everything I've tried I've been really happy with. Now, this is quite embarrassing for me to say but I've never really thoroughly cleaned any of my make-up brushes, so when I found this on Pinterest I decided to try it. I feel so much better knowing that they've been cleaned and I love the results!

How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes | Style Through Her Eyes

All you need is a bowl (I used a lunch meat carton), Johnson's baby shampoo and a wash cloth or towel to let your brushes dry on.

Fill your bowl with warm water and add some shampoo. Add more than the few drops you see above, I wasn't finished!

Swish your brush/brushes around real good. I forgot to snap a picture of the next step but you'll want to rinse them out thoroughly under running water afterwards.

Lay your brushes out to dry.

Before & After. Look at the clean fluffyness!

How do you wash your make-up brushes? I've heard of special sprays which I plan on looking into, but for now, this seemed to work well!


Tasha said...

Wow that looks much better! My brushes could really use a cleaning and that seems really simple! Thanks for sharing! : )

Melanie Alexandra said...

Ooh, gotta try this! I've just been using hand soap but shampoo makes so much more sense. I'm definitely overdue for a cleaning so thanks for reminding me! Haha.


Milex said...



What a great idea! I've actually never washed mine either -- eek. I use them until they get too dirty or I lose them, and then get new ones!

Giovanna said...

My brushes could really use some cleaning! Definitely need to try this! lol



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