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A Good Heart

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I got to thinking...

You can be the most stylish lady in the room but if your heart isn't in check you're only half-dressed. We've all heard the phrase "It's what's in the inside that counts." once before. It's good to be reminded of these simple guidelines every once and a while. We should be careful not to let our clothes, hairstyle, pretty eyes, or designer bag take over what's truly important. Laughter and a good, positive spirit are so much more attractive. Our thoughts, attitude, and the words we speak reflect on the current state of our heart, so pay attention! Normally when the new year begins people are all about resolutions or goals they want to achieve. I think taking some time to reflect on our hearts is one of the best ways we can start off the new year. They are delicate, easily influenced and need to be taken care of. Do you find yourself overly obsessed with the way you look? Is there some reason you have been angry lately? Maybe because of something you haven't let go and someone you need to forgive? Have you suddenly began to use foul language? It's time to find the source of these problems so that we can feel beautiful on the inside as well! So, while I completely agree that having a beautiful heart is important I don't entirely believe that we become average (as the graphic suggests) with age either. I don't really like to consider that anyone is dare I say, ugly, especially because in God's eyes we are all beautiful. :)


Closet Fashionista said...

This is so true!!! No matter what a person looks like on the outside as long as they are truly kind to everyone it doesn't matter. :)

Mr Lonely said...

visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

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Jamillah said...

Truth. I love the questions you put out to assess your heart. Like if you need to forgive, I think that weight can make your heart so heavy. Happy new year pretty :).

Anonymous said...

This year I'm all about forgiveness. Not only to just be over what may have happened between you and another person, but to be polite and possibly accept them back into your life. I have a couple friends who I forgave just before the new year. We arent' like we used to, but the burden of having that on my heart is gone. And it feels great to not cringe when I see them. I also don't believe that just because we age that we loose outward or inward beauty. If you're beautiful on the inside, you have a glow on the outside. It's happiness.


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