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Spring Trends: Khaki Green

One of the many Spring fashion trends is khaki green, as a solid or in the infamous camo print. Yes, I meant to say camo. Better get used to it too because you'll be seeing it all throughout the year as it made many appearences during the Fall fashion shows. When I informed one of my brothers about the trend he said he was over it years ago (he used to wear a lot of camo when he was a kid). I for one don't recall wearing much of that print but I do like the colors and I'm open to trying it. For those who don't like all the bold and bright shades this might be an option for you! I found a few ideas for women and men that will work perfectly with pieces many of us already have in our closets. Think neutrals like black, white, grey, nude, a very pale pink or yellow. Leather, denim and gold accessories will all look great with these items!

(Left to right)
Blazer, H&M - $39.95
Embroidered Loop Scarf, American Eagle - $24.95
Skirt, H&M - $29.95

(Left to right)
Leather Belt, H&M - $17.95
Cardigan, H&M - $49.95
Tie, American Eagle - $17.95

Do you already have khaki green and/or camo pieces in your closet that you'll be wearing again? If not, do you think you'll try this trend? Why or why not?


Closet Fashionista said...

Loving these pieces!! I don't have much army green in my closet, but I do love the color, it goes with anything

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I'm not that into khaki green, but i really like the stud detail on that h&m skirt.

Teresa said...

I've always loved this green, glad it's back!

Little Tree Vintage said...

love that jacket!

Milex said...

You hypnotized me


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