Spring Trends: Black & White

Embroidered Backpack, American Eagle - $39.95
Versailles Sunglasses, Nordstrom - $24.00
Two-tone Striped Scarf, Zara - $25.90

Striped Sun Hat, Juicy Couture - $58.00
Striped Top, WHBM - $68.00
Feather Clip, Miss Selfridge - $13.00
Tube Bracelet, American Eagle - $15.50

With all the bright colors and sweet pastel shades it seems strange that black and white is also one of the Spring trends. I think it's a nice alternative for those who aren't as fond of all the colorful hues. I don't really know anyone who doesn't like the combination of black and white, it's easy to wear and will always be classy! The striped sun hat would be perfect for a day at the beach or an outdoor mall and the striped scarf can easily be dressed up or down for an every-day sort of outfit. Oh, and the tube bracelet. How cute are those chevron stripes? I hope this little collection inspires you, it's the first day of Spring afterall!

Which do you favor more? Black and White or Color?


  1. Well I don't really do bright colors but if it's dark color I prefer that...haha. Otherwise black! :p

  2. I love the black and white trend and that backpack is so cute!

    star-crossed smile