Jewelry Past Times

I've saved a lot of old jewelry I used to wear as a child and teenager. Some of the pieces are just too fun and sentimental to give away. These are a few that I particularly loved and wore often.

It's no surprise that I got the leather braided bracelet with my name on it from Disneyland. I was about ten years old and wore it all the time! I don't remember when or where I got the Beauty and the Beast charm bracelet but I obviously wore this one an awful lot. It's been broken (and missing a charm) for as long as I can remember. I had Beauty and the Beast everything when I was little and saw the movie eleven times in the theatre, once at the El Capitan in Hollywood!

The necklace with the shell may look familiar to those who loved American Girl. It's a replica of Addy's necklace that my mom and I made. I had the Addy and Josefina dolls and most of the books from each doll available. I remember being obsessed with the Minnie Mouse piece, I think I was a toddler when I wore it. I had a jewelry box that I'd use to pick out what accessories I'd wear whenever we were going out. Definitely a little fashionista! The Angel necklace I got as a teenager from Icing or Claire's. I often wore anything that said "Angel" or "Princess". I had a very vain stage back then. There was a blue tank I had that said "Spoiled" and a pink t-shirt with blue glittered text that said "It's all about me.". It's ok, you can laugh.

What were some of your favorite jewelry pieces? Do you still have any of them?


  1. It's so cool that you still have all of those pieces! I remember all of them like you wore them just yesterday :)

  2. Haha woohoo for old jewelry! I used to have a shell necklace like that :)

  3. This is very cool Jen, and so your style! :-)I have a few charm bracelets from my youth that I should take out again. But, most of that stuff is stored away. I love your angel necklace! xx
    And, thanks for your comment .. glad that you enjoyed your Easter too dear.

  4. Oh goodness, I used to get so many silly pieces of jewelry from Claires, lol. I do love your Beauty and the Beast pieces...definitely keep those.

  5. you are too sweet. i love your childhood jewelry. and holy crap you saw beauty and the beast 11 times in theater! your parents must really really adore you, so cute.

    my fave piece of jewelry is a ring my mom gave me on my 5th's a tiny ring of hearts with the tinniest tiniest diamond you've ever seen. it's my b'day stone.

  6. I no longer have many of my pieces from my childhood. But I particularly remember this pink glittery frog necklace I had. A friend gave it to me and I loved it. And my little sister always tried to steal it! Lol