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Milani Nail Polish Review

I don't tend to write my thoughts on products I don't like but lately I've been trying out different brands of nail polish and thought it fair that I share my opinions with you no matter if they're positive or negative...

The last brand I tried was by Maybelline. Their polishes are just $2.99 and although I had to use two coats for the particular mint green color I chose, I was thrilled with the results! Not only was it a gorgeous color but it lasted about a week long! The longer a polish can go without chipping, the better in my book.

Milani's nail polishes are $3.99 and their packaging and colors are lovely. However I found this bubble gum color, Pink Express, (which I actually really love) to be much more streaky with one coat than the Maybelline polish was (both require two coats). Also, the label on the bottle says it dries in 60 seconds but I didn't think it dried fast at all. I had to re-do two nails because I hit them on something when it had been minutes since I painted them! We'll see how long it lasts because right now all I can think about is exchanging it.

Have you tried their nail polish before? Are there any brands you feel don't have good nail polishes?


Kailey said...

I think sharing reviews for products you don't love is equally as important sometimes! I haven't tried this brand and now know not to ;D <3

Nnenna said...

I only have one Milani polish and it's a glitter, so I wasn't sure about their solid colors. This is good to know and to keep in mind next time I'm shopping for nail polish.

star-crossed smile


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