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May Favorites

I believe that someone in this world pressed a button that is making time go by faster than it should. I feel like I do a "favorites" post about every two weeks or so. I do, however, have a couple of good things to share with you that I've been loving this month...

Bottom Lash Mascara, Clinique - $10.00

This little guy was sent to me a while back from Heather of Behind the Lashes. I somehow just forgot about it but have been using it every day for almost the entire month. It's absolutely the best mascara for your bottom lashes and it doesn't smudge one bit! For those wondering, I use the color 01 Black.

Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner, Target - $4.19

I use this toner in the evening after I remove my make-up and cleanse my face but before I moisturize. I use just a little on a small cotton pad and have been amazed at the extra impurities and make-up it removes. If you think your face is completely cleansed after you use your make-up remover and face wash, you're probably mistaken. Pick this up and see for yourself! Many beauty gurus, including MissGlamorazzi, have positively compared this product to Bioderma.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I don't consider myself a Trekkie but this movie was just so good! I feel like it was better than the first, and usually I tend to like the first movie in a trilogy. It makes me anxious to see what the third will be like! The characters are fantastic, the story is engaging and there are great action sequences! I even cried once which has been a rarity for me lately. Have you seen it?

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Putting that toner on my to buy list!

Closet Fashionista said...

STAR TREK!!! It was so good! I liked it better than the first (and i LOVE the first) and am going to see it again on Sunday.

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I want to try out that toner for sure. And I thought the 2nd Star Trek was really great too. Clearly, I'm more of a Star Wars girl, but these new Star Trek movies are pretty fab.

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Melanie Patterson said...

YEs to all three of these things! I want to try out that bottom lash mascara....I'm always just not putting any on the bottom because I hate how they clump up so easily. And ah, toners are the greatest! I used to use the Proactiv one way past finishing the cleanser and repair lotion and it really is crazy how much comes off your face after a good cleaning.

And ah! Star Trek was so good. I grew up watching Star Trek so to see the little snippets of my childhood kind of growing up with me is so cool!


i really like Boots! I'm browsing beauty sites now, just ran out of a few items. I also agree, it feels as if time has sped up quite quickly! Happy weekend xx/Madison

Casee Marie said...

Ooh, I've never considered a mascara for bottom lashes only - it's a smart idea! I've been using Falsies on my top lashes and either Great Lash or one from Drew Barrymore's Flower line on my bottoms (I basically save my mascaras that are running low because they're easier to apply on the bottom lashes). And I'll definitely check out that toner - it sounds great, and the price is right!

I remember you mentioned in your email (thanks, by the way!) that you loved the new Star Trek - I've actually never seen a movie or an episode of the tv show! I'm curious to see the new one, though!


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