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A Special Occasion

A Special Occasion | Style Through Her Eyes
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I absolutely understand the concept of saving something to wear for a special occasion. There are times we purchase something specifically for an event coming up or we decide not to wear certain shoes throughout the week for the weekend ahead. I do think, however, that doing this can become too much of a routine. Why can't every day be a special occasion? Think about it, if we are constantly "saving something" we'll hardly get to wear those pieces we love most. Everyday is a new day and should be lived to the fullest! Why not wear something that makes you feel happy and beautiful on a regular basis?

I think I personally have done a much better job of actually wearing and using my favorite things more often. Once and a while I'll be questioned as to why I'm "dressed up". It can be hard to answer when you look down at yourself and think "This is how I usually dress...". I'm at that point where I'm totally ok with wearing the same shirt twice in one week if it's what I feel like wearing. Though I must admit, I'd rather not be wearing the same thing the next time you see me. That's always been a little rule of mine as silly as it may sound.

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Gabrielle Golobe said...

I completely agree. I am always like "I'll wait and wear that when/if for this" and then sometimes I don't get around to wearing it for a long time. I think it's a good rule to break from that and wear what you want any day of the week no matter if it's just an ordinary day. I have no problem wearing the same thing twice in the same week, but I def don't want to be wearing it the next time you see me if it's in that same week! Lol

Anyways your post made me think! I'm inspired now to enjoy getting dressed more everyday.


My philosophy, you only have one life. I used to save things, which collected dust and in turn never wore a few items, but then after moving all of the time, and most of my life I decided to just wear the goods, because you never know! Hmm, I may even bring out the diamonds tonight ... to go to the grocery store that is ... haha! Life is better dressed up or dressed well rather!:) /Madison

Closet Fashionista said...

Definitely true! I always try to wear items I love whenever I can. Although some items, like my 2 burberry dresses are just too dressy for normal wear, haha...depressing!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Very true, Jenmarie! This is why I have a black dress hanging in my closet that I've been "saving" for months. But I need to just wear it already!

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Jamillah said...

i am a huge believer in this! true i'm not always wearing my 4 inch heels i break out for formal wear, but i wear every precious gem all the time...hence my tendency to have lots on! i think wearing the things that make you feel happy and special is really a small way to brighten up your day. i get that, "omg, you're so dressed up.." comment all the time! i just shrug and say meh this is just the way i dress :).

p.s i totally wear the same shirt in a week too sometimes! nothing wrong with that!

McKenzie Truman said...

This is totally my philosophy! People always ask me the same question, "Why are you dressed up?" What if I run into a cute guy or end up having to go to a swanky place? And what about feeling confident and cute all the time?! I always dress up. It's worth it.

By the way, the quote is from the President of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
{just a fun fact}

-McKenzie :)


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