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Knit Jeggings at American Eagle

Black | Burgundy | Grey

The knit jeggings at American Eagle have been my "go to" pants ever since discovering them two years ago. They are the most comfortable fitted pants that can easily be dressed up or down. I absolutely love wearing them and get asked about them all the time. You can find them online and in stores only a few months out of the year, and goodness do they sell fast! Since their debut, they've released new colors each year. The two new colors this time around are Taupe and Crushed Berry (similar to the Burgundy pair I'm wearing). Of course, they also have Black available (more colors may be added soon). No matter which color you choose every single stich and detail is one color, so it creates a very sleek look! Their sizes run from 00 to 18 with short to extra-long lengths at $39.95 each. Free shipping is applied to all orders for the rest of the month. However, if they're a little much for your wallet you can wait for American Eagle's next sale. They often have anywhere from 20-40 percent off!

Black | Burgundy | Grey

Tell me about your "go to" pant! Where do you buy them and why do you love them? Do you think you'd try the knit jegging sometime?


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh interesting, I dont know if Ive ever seen those....might have to try em out!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I totally want to buy the knit jeggings in crushed berry. Going to look for a coupon code or something!

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These sound super comfy and you've worn them so many different ways! I need to stop by AE!

Alicia Mackin said...

Hey thanks for posting. I definitely need some denim jeggings. I will check these out for sure.

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Casee Marie said...

I always love the way you style these! I've never tried them, but they sound perfect and I love the colors. Lauren Conrad has a sort of jegging-style jean in her Kohl's line - I think it's called the Kate. They're super comfortable and I love the fit so I snatched up a bunch of different washes and colors when they were on sale. (Actually, in my post yesterday both the red skinnies and the denim jeans are LC's. I also have them in a dark wash and mint capris. Kind of obsessed, haha.) The burgundy color from AE is my favorite - perfect for fall!

Unknown said...

I'm addicted to these knit jeggings! Just discovered them and now it's about all I wear. They still sell out so fast! I search used sites like eBay and have gotten great deals on some used ones just for hanging out at home. They feel like wearing Jammie's!

Unknown said...

JenMarie, do you know when they usually come out? People are commenting in July, and it's August... I wonder if they'll have them this year? Dying do a search at AE, every day!


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