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Ombre Hairstyle

The ombre technique is used on pretty much anything you can think of including clothing, make-up, nails and hair. I've wanted to do a conservative ombre hairstyle (similar to the photos above though now that my hair is a lot shorter I might have to wait a while) for the past few months. I checked with one place to see how much it would be and plan to call a few others but if the price is anything like the first salon, it won't be happening anytime soon. A co-worker of mine told me they have hair-kits now where you supposedly can achieve the ombre look yourself. I found Feria Wild Ombre by L'Oreal Paris and though creative, it doesn't look promising. I watched this demonstration and didn't feel confident enough in the product. I feel like even if you had someone to help you it could end up badly (what if it didn't look properly blended?). What do you ladies think? Would you try something like this yourself? How much have you heard an ombre hairstyle costs? Is there a hairstyle you've been wanting lately?


Griss Larsen said...

I had it done last year around november. It looked cool but i got too tired of it around the 3rd month, took me a while to get "rid" of it fully (damage included). It wasnt that expensive though, around 60-70dlls.

Heidi said...

I have done the Ombre hairstyle. But be prepared if you are to go to the Salon and do it, because you will be there for a good chunk of the day (about 6 hours) so bring a snack or eat a big meal beforehand.
It was also the most expensive hairstyle that I have had done- around $150 (tip included). And this was a student/college salon!
However, it is the most lazy hairstyle I have had done. With the proper hair products the Ombre stayed true to it's color for a long time.
I had the hairstyle for about 4 months and then I got tired of it because really if you don't curl your hair all the time, in my opinion it doesn't look all that great straight.
I now have found a great stylist and he has given my hair great highlights that have now faded nicely. I have to get a touch up done soon but I had that done like 6 mos ago! :)


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