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Lip Product Collection

Lip Product Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

I was recently inspired by a photo that Kailey from Mermaidens shared on her Instagram of her lipstick collection. I thought it'd be exciting to share photos of my own collection not only for your enjoyment but so that I could see what I actually have. Surprisingly, I thought I had way more than what is pictured. I do, however, think the collection is decent but after snapping these photos and looking through all the products, it made me think about some shades and brands I'd like to see amongst these.

Lip Product Collection | Style Through Her Eyes
Fifth Ave. Fuchsia, Pink Quartz, Peachy Scene, Brazen Berry
Red Revolution and Verve.

I'm such a Maybelline junkie so it's no surprise that these lipsticks needed their own photo. My favorite out of these would have to be the purple shade, Brazen Berry. It's a ridiculously gorgeous color from their Vivids line. It looks best when the rest of your make-up is neutral. I did a full post on this lipstick here.

Lip Product Collection | Style Through Her Eyes
Pink Plush by L'OREAL, Cherub & Honey Bun by Flirt Cosmetics
Pink Cherie by Mary Kay, Holistic by NYX and All Heart by Clinique.

These are other random lipsticks from various brands. Cherub by Flirt is my current go-to nude color though it's slightly more on the pink side. The Mary Kay lipstick, Pink Cherie, is the first of their True Dimensions lip products I've tried. It's a lovely color and quite moisturizing.

Lip Product Collection | Style Through Her Eyes
Cotton Candy & Lollipop by Revlon, Coral Ambition, Pink Shock &
Pink Punch by Maybelline, Original Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Sugar Rose & Sugar by Fresh.

My little stash of lip butters, lip balms and chap sticks. I'm obsessed with Coral Ambition (Color Whispers) and Pink Punch (Baby Lips) by Maybelline. I always use a chap stick before bed and will go for the Burt's Bees, one of the lip treatments from Fresh or Aquaphor lip repair which is not pictured.

Lip Product Collection | Style Through Her Eyes
Riach Red by e.l.f, Nude York City by NYC, Angel Cake by No. 7
and Dreamy by MAC.

These are the few that didn't fit elsewhere. My favorite of these would have to be Angel Cake by No. 7 (which can be found at Target). It's a non-sticky nude gloss with teeny tiny specs of glitter and it looks stunning on!

Are there any shades or particular brands you're loving at the moment that you think I'd enjoy?


Alicia Mackin said...

That is a good idea. Ha I would not have much of a collection. I do not have much lipstick as I do not wear it . I do wear gloss on occasion. The thing is I hate my teeth. If I ever won the lotto or came in to serious money I would pull all my molars-get implants and get veneers on all the rest. AND then I would get my ass to Sephora and buy a grands worth of lipstick.

Ali of Dressing Ken

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I like the color scheme of your lip products. We can definitely tell what you like. You have good taste in lip colors!



It looks like you have a pretty nice selection in colour range and quantity. I have more lipgloss than lipsticks, but I am slowly building up my lipstick collection, as I like to wear it more now! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Nnenna said...

I love this peek at your lipstick collection. I'm a Maybelline girl too- I think they have my favorite drugstore lipsticks. I also have a MAC lipstick that I love. It's so moisturizing and it's the perfect burgundy color.


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