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Black Friday Deals

There are only three days left until Black Friday and I wanted to put a little list together of some of the great deals that are and will be going on. A few of these haven't officially been announced or barely have been posted on their websites and I wanted to let you in on the deals!

White House | Black Market is offering the early birds who shop from 6 to 9 in the morning 30% off their entire purchase. Those who arrive afterwards will get 25% off. WHBM typically only has sales like this twice a year so you definitely don't want to miss this opportunity! If you're a Black Book member (Rewards program) you'll also receive double style points meaning if you spend at least $80 you'll get a $40 bounce back coupon to use off your next $80 purchase from December 26th until January 20th. Not bad at all!

American Eagle Outfitters decided to get their party started early! 40% off the entire store started yesterday! Plus, if you're shopping online you'll get free shipping. * I called to verify that the sale they're having now will be the same on Friday.

ULTA is also going to have some great deals including Philosophy shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel for $10 (regular $16.50) and the Ultra CHI Hair Straighteners for only $74.96 (regular $149.95)! You can view their BF Ad here!

Foley & Corrina is having a sale on their leather Disco City Bags. There are several different colors to choose from at $99.00 each (regular $198.00). This bag is one of Keiko Lynn's favorites!

Urban Outfitters is going to have 50% off everything that is already on sale! I'm sure it's all going to go fast! * I haven't received any notice of this sale in email but I spoke with an associate of the store about their BF sale.

H&M is also kicking things off early with a Black Friday countdown, featuring different deals each day! Their featured deal today are sweaters at up to 70% off for the entire family! On BF they will have several deals in every department.

Victoria's Secret gives out Secret Rewards Cards every year with any $10 purchase. Their worth can be anywhere from $10 - $500! They are redeemable after the 4th of December so if you're shopping this Friday, you're guaranteed to receive one with your purchase! Besides that, they also have some special deals going on!

LUSH typically doesn't do sales (not even for Black Friday) but they do have their After-Christmas sale. Whatever is left of the Christmas products will be discounted and the sale is in store and online, though there's no way of telling what will be available. I figured some of you might be interested!

Forever 21's Pre-Black Friday deal is BOGO Free on their jewelry. Shoppers who arrive early on Thursday and Friday will receive a discount of 15% off or 20% off via a scratcher. Store hours will vary by location. You can find out more here. They will also have $3 deals!

Target is obviously having Pre-Black Friday deals and some insanely good prices on BF. You must check out their website and view the ads!

Obviously there are tons of sales and special deals going on everywhere, these were just a select few I chose to share with you. PLEASE be sure to double check on store hours as many places are opening early Thanksgiving evening (not something I'm particularly fond of). Anyhow, let me know if there's any good ones you know of!

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe!


Closet Fashionista said...

Ahh Black Friday, haha. I will be staying indoors (well, not technically...we'll actually be getting our Christmas tree) but online sales are definitely for me!

Gabby said...

Thanks for sharing this! This year I'm looking for online sales. I don't like that they keep happening earlier every year. And the chaos!! Today I actually ordered 2 purses from Target because of their buy 1 get 1 half off deal. Plus I got free shipping. So one for me, and for my sister.

Alicia Mackin said...

Oh my I can not shop on Black Friday it makes me insane cyber Mondays are a little easier. Though these are some great deals and there is an H&M on the way home from work hmmm....

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Chiara T. said...

A toast for online sales!! :)

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Cheryl van den Berg said...

Hope you had a fab weekend, luv. It was so great to get this break so I hope you enjoyed it immensely. Happy Monday!



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