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LUSH Lip Scrub Review

A few weeks ago I went to LUSH for the first time ever and although the smell of the place was a little irritating for me (if you're usually overwhelmed by the smells in Bath & Body Works you'll probably be affected by this place), I about died over all the goodies. The product display is so creative and exciting to browse and test out. I left with a bath bomb which I have yet to use (mostly because I'm not really a bath kind of girl) and one of their lip scrubs. I chose Mint Julip which smells like mint chocolate and feels minty and fresh on your lips! They also have other scents which you can browse here. Like everything else in the store, it's naturally made, preservative free and vegan. I have used it several times but not every night since I've purchased it. It's still a newer product that I've added to my nightly bed time routine and I keep forgetting to use it! It feels great though and I have noticed it helps my lips not flake as much. A little goes a long way too! The pictures I photographed is what it looks like as of this morning. You can barely tell I've used it! I paid $9.95 for this product and I am certain it's going to last me a very long time!

So tell me, do you use a lip scrub? If so, which one? I'd also love to know your favorite LUSH products if you have any!


Closet Fashionista said...

One of my friends works at LUSH out in New Mexico but I've yet to try any products. Shame on me.
I should try a lip scrub, mine get so dry and flaky in the winter

Alicia Mackin said...

I know I love the LUSH store, it is the packaging and presentation that gets me. Haha I use a scrub from Trader Joe's you get a big tub for $6.99

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Elle Coco said...

i have to try this. this winter weather is completely ruining my lips. and it looks adorable. is it wrong to want it for the looks?


Gabby said...

I definitely need to try that lip scrub! My lips get so flaky and dry in the winter. I have never been to a Lush store...I'm not sure if they have one here. But going into Bath and Body works gives me a migraine -- I am really sensitive to smells. I will order some lip scrub online later though. Thanks for sharing!

Kashaya said...

I really need to buy a new lip scrub from Lush. They have so cute stores but I can't handle all the smells in there so I don't like visiting their stores...

Chandra Kean said...

I have been using Satin Lips by Mary Kay. A lip mask and exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin cells, and a lip balm that rivals all lip balms Ive tried. It continues to hydrate your lips for up to six hours without need to reapply. Love the result.


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