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Why "Bitch" Is NOT A Nice Word

I shake my head at the way females have come to take being called a b**ch as a compliment. Just because you hear it being used in what seems a positive way in a song doesn't mean it's a good thing and it certainly doesn't sound very nice when you and your girlfriends are referring to each other as one when you're out shopping or online for everyone to see. Please take a few seconds and look up the definition to refresh your memory of it's meaning. Wikipedia also has it listed as: "B**ch (Insult) - It often refers to someone who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, rudely intrusive, and/or aggressive.". The world wants us to think it's attractive and empowering and that using it is totally fine. You know what? Too many of us have been sucked into it! Back in the day it wasn't a word that was used lightly or so openly as it is today. It was considered inappropriate and shocking. It's original use as an insult was based on a comparison of a woman to a dog in heat, which was also rarely spoken of. Of course the meaning and it's use has changed a lot since then but it's still not anything to tolerate or be proud of. If someone calls you that they either really think you are one or they have no idea what it actually means and they just use it because everyone else does. If they meant to call you a "b" it's probably because they think you're rude, spiteful, obnoxious, vicious, or something other that's neither admirable or attractive. You should be offended and tell them it's unacceptable for them to call you that even if there is some truth to your behavior and/or actions. Now, if you do actually think of yourself as a "b", that's a different story. Maybe you have an attitude that people would relate to a "b" but it doesn't mean you are one. You don't need to be characterized by that. And if you're having attitude/heart issues, you can work on them! It's probably the world that changed you in the first place but you are stronger and you can change and be a light in this dark place! There have been a couple of things in my life over the last two years that I feel have affected my heart and my attitude. I feel that my heart has hardened just a little and that my attitude is on the edge and ready to be used if necessary. I have always been sensitive, quick to defend myself and those I love, and right from worng. It seems like these traits of mine have been heightened and new ones have been added, including impatience. I've started working on these things and I believe I can get better! I don't want to sound vain but I honestly think I am genuinely a nice person. I'm positive and I am always eager to find the good in bad situations. I am also the type of person that will get eaten up out there because no one likes the "nice girl". Other women will notice you, jealousy will kick in, and they'll come after you! I think I toughened up a little without even knowing it to survive and though I believe we all need to hold our ground we can't let the world change us. We CAN be the nice girl with a backbone! Let's bring classy back!


Alicia Mackin said...

I hear you. We do need to bring classy back. I think lot of it has to do with "reality" TV and in some ways in the media women have taken a major step back. I will not even watch any of those housewife shows.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I agree with you. I don't have any friends who use the word, but I hear women use it on TV, and it's kind of weird. So I don't understand why people use it the way they do--doesn't make sense to me.

But anyway, I do hope you had a great holiday.



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