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February Favorites

February flew by as I'm sure the rest of the months will but there were a few things that made it extra special, including a special home made Valentine's Day card from my husband, birthday celebrations and a trip to Disneyland (hadn't been since December!). Below you'll find the products that held a special place in my heart last month.

Though my hunt for shoes isn't over yet (I still need a comfortable pair of boots) I did manage to find hand crafted leather wedges from the brand Born at Nordstrom and I've been loving them! You can see the full outfit post here!

I've been using the Revlon Colorstay 24 hr. foundation for combination/oily skin for probably a little over a month. Ever since day one I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. It really helps to control oil absorption and shine and it has good coverage! The product is a lot thicker than other foundations but it blends well and a little goes a long way! My only complaint is that it's a little difficult to get out of the bottle. Before using it I shake it downwards to get the foundation at the very edge when I take the cap off. It's easier to apply it on my make-up brush this way.

Jason and I received this game for Christmas for our PS4 and it is THE BEST Lego game they've created thus far. We play it every week and even though we beat the game already there is still so much to do and discover, especially with the open world feature! There are over one hundred different marvel characters you can be and each one's capabilities is so unique! It's available for many different consoles too!

I think it was last Summer that I discovered the Rainbow Sherbet ice cream at Disneyland. It is absolutely delicious and I was so excited to have it again during my most recent trip. Go to the Ice cream Parlor on Main Street and try it for yourself! It's the best there is!

What stood out to you in February?


Closet Fashionista said...

Love those wedges! They're similar to a Simply Vera by Vera Wang pair I have that are dying...so depressing! I should see if they're on eBay, haha

Elle Sees said...

love that foundation!!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

That Lego game looks really cool, but I fear that if I bought it for the hubs we wouldn't do anything but play it nonstop for weeks!


I think those wedges are very nice and great for spring/summer. I've used Revlon products before, will have to check this one out. I hear they have a good range in colours. :) I just bought a Neutrogena foundation that's surprisingly really amazing so so inexpensive.

Nnenna said...

I can't wait for it's warm enough to wear wedges here! Seeing your Lego game reminds me that I really want to see the Lego movie!

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I"m not sure anything stood out for me in February. I love my Neutrogrena Healthy Skin foundation. I feel like I finally get the coverage I need with it, and it has improved my skin.

Casee Marie said...

Open-toed shoes! I can't even remember what life with anything but boots is like. ;) I've been using Revlon's foundation for years, it's my favorite. I typically use a foundation brush so that makes it a little easier to get out of the bottle - another trick is to store it upside-down, that's usually effective for me! (:


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