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March Favorites

We're just two months away from being half way through the year. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that's just crazy? One of the big highlights for Jason and I was the blessing of being able to get another vehicle! His car was stolen over a year ago during the holidays. We made it work (though it involved a lot of stress) with one car for a while but this is obviously so much better! During March I made sure to jot down my favorite things, something I had been forgetting to do during previous months, and I am excited to share them with you today!

March Favorites - North and South | Style Through Her Eyes
My friend Casee had been telling me about this spectacular miniseries called North & South for a while and I just never sat down to watch it. Recently she hinted that the series was available to watch via Netflix. I told her I was absolutely going to check it out in March. I ended up watching it three times! Yes, that is how much I loved it. If you're a fan of period piece dramas as I am, you will absolutely die over it. TRUST ME.

March Favorites - BABW mason jar candle | Style Through Her Eyes

March Favorites - BABW mason jar candle | Style Through Her Eyes
I needed a Birthday gift and so off to Bath & Body Works I went! Little did I know that they had new mason jar candles and a whole new line of scents to be sniffed! I ended up getting one for myself. It's called Watermelon Lemonade and it's such a lovely fresh new scent! I think the packaging is adorable!

March Favorites - NYX lipstick | Style Through Her Eyes
I've kind of been on a NYX kick lately and if you haven't seen my most recent lip product review, you can see it here. I wore this color almost a dozen times in March.

March Favorites - Disney mug | Style Through Her Eyes
It has been one week since I've been sick and every day I've been drinking green tea. No, the green tea wasn't what made my favorites list for the month (though I'm most likely going to continue having a cup a day) but this pretty Belle cup sure did. My mom gifted it to me in February for Valentine's Day. I'm not sure if they're still available but she said she found them at Target if you're interested.

Share with me something that you really loved last month!


Teresa @ Harvester Products said...

North and South is a favorite, thanks to you recommending it to me! Jaclynn and I started watching it for the 3rd time just last night. I definitely need to own it.
I haven't been to BaBW for a long time. I love the mason jars candles!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

We used to have 2 cars, but the hubs recently sold his so he could try the lightrail system and it's been pretty good so far.

I have two girlfriends who will love North and South. Period pieces are their thing. And I've been liking mason jars for decorating more and more!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I just saw those mason jar candles at Bath & Body Works last week! So cute! I couldn't decide on a scent so I'll have to go back. I didn't see the Watermelon Lemonade there but I'll have to look for it. Your Belle cup is so sweet! You should keep having green tea. It has great antioxidant benefits.

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Alicia Mackin said...

Oh I had not heard of this series. Do you watch Mr Selfridge? The 2 hour season premier was last night and it was great.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Hope you're feeling better! Green tea is always on my personal favorites list, lol. But I love the mug too :)

Jessica said...

I will try to check out the North v. South miniseries this weekend.


Yes, I have liked North & South as well. I have a few mason jar candles that my sister made me and I adore them so much. :) Thanks for sharing your favourites.
Have a great week.
/Madison x

Casee Marie said...

(Sorry for spamming your blog with comments, I'm finally getting at least a little caught up!)

I'm so happy to hear that you guys were able to get another car. That's awesome!

Yay, North and South! I knew you'd love it. And I also owe you a response to your email about it. ;)

I haven't been to Bath and Body Works (or even the mall, really) in ages; I definitely need to check out those candles, though. And I'm such a fan of NYX, I've been using a ton of their cosmetics lately. The matte lipsticks are my fave!

Fingers crossed you're feeling much better now. Harney & Sons makes a wonderful green tea, it's called their Bankok tea, which has coconut, ginger, and vanilla. (:


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