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Garment Rack - Spring Update

Three years ago when I told my husband that I wanted a garment rack I didn't think he would actually purchase it for me since we already have a pretty large closet. I told him that I wanted it to display some favorite pieces, and I'm sure he thought I was silly, but he got it for me anyways for Christmas. What a guy! If you're interested, Bed Bath and Beyond still has the same one in stock for $19.99 here. Anyhow, I recently gave it a much needed Spring update and thought I would show you the before and after. It's not as colorful as I'd like it to be (I blame that on the neutral colors I'm constantly surrounded by at WHBM.). Still, I think the change is noticeable and definitely more season appropriate.


Garment Rack Spring Update - Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Spring Update - Style Through Her Eyes

Before yesterday I had an H&M blazer, AE cardigan and sweatshirt and a few long sleeved tops from Kohl's and Target hanging on the garment rack along with most of my heavy scarves. Everything got put back into the closet except for the black cardigan. Though it is long sleeved it's real light and I wear it often at work.

Garment Rack Spring Update - Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Spring Update - Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Spring Update - Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Spring Update - Style Through Her Eyes

I tried to incorporate some colorful pieces including an AE dress and chambray top and a printed Forever 21 cardigan. I also added a fringed Rory Beca cardigan, a tulle skirt from Target, a t-shirt from Sundried, an asymmetrical top from T.J. Maxx and a floppy hat. See, I told you. Half of the stuff is black! I kept only one scarf hanger out which is now holding all my lighter scarves (these scarf hangers from BBAB also have little hooks to hold your belts!). I decided to keep the two bags and jewelry organizer in place just because I like the way it looks and they are easily accessible.

A garment rack can be anything you want it to be. You can use it like I do or you can use it for specific pieces like dresses. Some people buy these to take place of their closet too, which can be fun to organize. If you own a garment rack, how do you use it?


Closet Fashionista said...

Yayy! That's definitely a great idea! I used to have garment racks when I had my closet room...but now my room is so small I barely have room for anything, so depressing.


I actually use garment racks as well. I started when I was in school, because it's a great way to lay out and see the clothing that you want to wear. Plus, it helped with my closet space initially. I could use a scarf hanger, right now mine are just on rings! :)

MaysaAndSunshine said...

I think garment rack is a great idea to showcase and organize your clothes for the week or something like that (the ones you don't usually wear as well). I wish I had one but my closet is so tiny. Your husband is thoughtful.

Nnenna said...

I love the idea of updating your garment rack for spring. Unfortunately I have zero space for one in my current apartment, but if I did I'd use it to display my favorite pieces, the ones I wear constantly!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had room for one! I love the idea of putting those things out that are current for the season. It helps me things in mind when they're visible. I like to do that with my jewelry.


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