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Comments - Why They Need To Stay & My Pet Peeve

Comments - Why They Need To Stay & My Pet Peeve | Style Through Her Eyes

There's been a lot of talk about comments lately and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. Many bloggers have disabled comments and while I respect their reasons and their blogs I myself want to fight to keep comments around. Comments came first! They existed before all the social media apps and websites and I honestly feel that social media has made people lazy. Society in general continues to grow more and more lazy as technology further develops and everything becomes easier to do. It's so much more convenient to double tap an image on Instagram rather than sharing what's on your mind by leaving a comment on a blog. For some bloggers they feel that the comments are a distraction, which is totally understandable. If they work really hard on a post and there are only two comments visible I see how that can be frustrating (it has happened to me too!). But many of us are connected with with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so we can be sure there are more than just two people seeing our posts. Our statistics through Google Analytics or whichever platform you use prove that. No one wants to write or read anymore (even Audible lets you listen to books rather than read them for goodness sake!). Everyone would rather "like" an image relating to your post (you can bet that half of them didn't even bother to click on the link and read it) or mention you on Twitter with a few short words. That's not to say that those interactions are worthless. Sometimes tweeting for the day works better than commenting when we have a full schedule. And it's honestly nice to receive a tweet or see how many "likes" or "pins" a post has. I mean, who doesn't feel good about that? Without social media we'd have a lot less interaction and a lot less growth but I don't want to see comments completely ruled out. Our words are the best form of communication and if we take that away we are going to become more and more like robots! The world wants us to become this way. They don't want us to think. They want us to do. They want us to just go along with whatever they throw at us. If you agree with me, I think we can fight together by continuing to comment! Let's use our brains people! God gave them to us for a reason.

And while we are on the topic of comments I'd like to share one of my biggest comment pet peeves: When people only comment on someone's blog after they commented on theirs first. I follow blogs because I am interested in them and I'm going to comment on their blog if I have something to say, a question to ask, a compliment to give, etc. regardless if I receive a comment from them first. Maybe people think it's just polite to comment back every time but to me it sometimes seems fake and it's obvious who is actually following who. Not that I expect anyone to follow me, but please don't feel like you HAVE to visit and leave me a comment just because I did. I want you to want to visit my blog. I don't want you to visit me because you feel you have to and I don't want your comment to be forced.

My friends Stephanie and Allie also shared about commenting, social media, whether or not you should reply to a comment on your own blog, etc and they are both great reads! I highly suggest checking them out:

Lessons: Why Can't I Comment?
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With that said I want you all to know I truly appreciate when you take the time to leave a comment, when you send me a tweet and when you "like" or "pin" my posts. They make me smile :)


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Though I respectfully disagree with your opinion on whether or not comments are essential, I completely understand your point of view and with everything there is a downside. I also agree with your second point about how some people comment just to get comments -- like I said in my post, I think that's why my traffic initially went down. I also hate CAPTCHAS! Thanks for linking to me :)

Nnenna Odeluga said...

There was a blogtrends chat on this the other day and I thought it was interesting to see all the other viewpoints. I’m with you on thinking/hoping that comments don’t disappear entirely. Although I love social media and I’m glad that I got into because of blogging, I still like to leave and receive comments. I don’t find comments distracting on posts and I don’t think I’d ever disable my comments entirely, unless it’s on a specific post that’s really personal, for example. I guess the end game for me is that I hope that people will continue to comment, but I’ll definitely take some interaction (whether it’s comments, tweets, pins, fb posts, etc.) over nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's sad, too, that because of social media interactions are becoming more and more watered down. I am guilty of not always commenting on an Instagram photo, but I try to comment on the blog posts of friends and other's whose blogs I enjoy. I think the lack of commenting and interaction over all contributes to my lack of enthusiam for blogging. And plus I kind of burnt myself out a bit internet wise there. But I have been thinking of taking up blogging just for the sake of it, and then I think well 1. I don't like the look of my blog and 2. It's hard to get anyone to interact. I'm not saying you or like Casee, Britta, etc. But others. I know that as we get older life gets harder, and I enjoy Instagram and Twitter...I just wish that people took the time to talk more instead of "liking" things. Share your opinions! :)

Alicia Mackin said...

I saw this for the first time the other day. And the blogger I was visiting stated to interact with her on Twitter. Well I tried and there was a problem or something and then I was like f it and navigated away. Not sure how I feel about this or if I will be inspired to read her blog if I can not comment b/c honestly it is not one of the bigger ones that really inspire me. It is cute, though mainly posing. So I would comment on her "looks". I do not want to navigate to someones blog and then navigate to their Twitter profile. As we all stated..."I am busy"

I think commenting is VERY IMPORTANT when you are starting out. Once you are a big blogger you may want to think of disabling them but when you first start out it really is the #1 way to grow your blog. And I agree I think some of it is just being lazy. Building traffic this way is hard work. But if you blogging and want people to read your blog don't you think that other blogs would like the same thing? This may be a bit of a news flash but when you first start blogging it is mainly other bloggers that are reading your blog. So not too sure if disabling comments is a good thing.

But to each is own I guess, only time will tell.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I can't imagine not having comments on my blog just because I feel it's a good way to get feedback and engage with my fellow bloggers and readers. At the same time I can see the other side of it. I would agree with you on social media making me lazier and sadly that will probably only continue. The thing about people only commenting after someone comments on their blog first doesn't bother me as much as people who don't bother to read your post and just leave a comment saying "follow me". I end up commenting after alot since I still limit my computer time and have to catch up on my blog reading when I'm back online.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Saw this on my FB feed and just had to give it a read. I pretty much agree with Stephanie on this one. But I also agree with some of your points as well. I can't speak for everyone who has disabled comments, but for myself, it's not about being lazy. There are many reasons why I've recently decided to disable comments for most of my posts (which is actually something I've wanted to do for the past year). One reason for me is that when people comment on my site, I do feel the need to comment back and I'm so busy these days that I just don't have the time--so then I feel bad for not showing that blogger the love they showed me. For me, I've been blogging for more than 4 years now so I pretty much am well aware of the blogs that typically read and interact with my site. So with or without comments, I know which blogs I like to read and comment on. I follow both Stephanie and Allie too, and I think that social media provides a great way to interact with other bloggers. I don't think it's lazy, but efficient. If I can answer a question via Twitter that's much more effective, esp. for the blogs that don't send a notification when someone replies to a comment. I just like interaction among bloggers in general, whether that be comments or through social media. I think the main point here is that true interaction shouldn't go away, no matter the form that comes in.


Heidi said...

I agree with you as well. It's quite sad that people won't comment if you don't even comment first on their blog.
Sometimes people block comments because they get so much hate, and they don't want to deal with that. Which is understandable, but at one point you have to just learn to ignore it.
I find that I get way more views than comments as well. I think people in general are just lazy and don't comment. Doesn't mean they didn't like it!
Great post! :)


I personally believe that engaging/commenting (whether it's through your blog or social media) is important. I noticed that a lot of bloggers just leave comments without replies, but I am grateful when someone comments, therefore I respond. It's impossible to respond to all comments every time, but, you know what, I am extremely busy and life goes on! I cannot speak about other people who disable their comments, however I have noticed a few more bloggers do it recently and there are loads of reasons for that I'm sure--commenting isn't for everyone. But, for me, I actually do enjoy commenting and responding to most of mine on my blog even though it may take a while. There's nothing more irritating than when someone has written a comment asking you a question and you just ignore them. Because you can respond many ways, it doesn't just have to be on your blog. Perhaps via e-mail, social media platforms, etc. I think sometimes people get too engrossed into heavy traffic and comments. Sometimes a good Re-tweet or Pinterest pin about a post can be just as effective. I've had someone pin a post of mine and comment on Pinterest instead of on my blog.

Closet Fashionista said...

This is so true! Comments have gone the way of the dodo lately. I used to get 35-40 comments on each of my posts and now I get 10-15, it makes it look like my blog is less read, but it has the same readership, if not more...sad what things have come to.
But I do understand bloggers who disable comments for other reasons. I remember Jane from Sea of Shoes disabled them after all she was getting were negative comments from trolls.

Munachi I. said...

Referring to a comment above: I wouldn't say that readers who don't comment are lazy. They just aren't interested in commenting and that is not unusual. Ever heard of the 1/99 rule? Only about 1% of our readers will comment on a post yet they represent 99% of the people who visit your blog. Your comment and pageviews numbers are NOT supposed to match up exactly. Even Cupcakes and Cashmere only gets a few hundred comments per post despite its vast popularity. Comments are great and I absolutely love them. I prefer to use them as a conversational tool and a way to communicate on blogs rather than a way to build traffic (because who should be commenting on other blogs just to get pageviews and site visits?!) and I don't plan on disabling them until I no longer find them relevant or engaging which will probably be in the distant, distant future. Everyone has their reason for allowing or disabling comments, but to say comments are useless or to use them as a way to measure dedicated readers will give you HIGHLY inaccurate numbers.


Anonymous said...

I don't always comment, but I do read. And sometimes I don't know about a blogger until they comment, and then I comment back as a way of saying "thank you" for stopping by my blog. Really, 99% of the time, it's hard to think of something to say to a post, especially the ones that are just showing you what they wore and don't give context. Or showing you what to "buy" without saying why it's important.

That said, I WILL leave long comments when I feel that a post has sparked a conversation. That's really what I feel is getting lost in blogging today. So much focus on Reward Style links and brand collaborations, some are forgetting to spark a conversation.

Anonymous said...

I got into blogging to engage and interact, therefore Commenting is very important to me. I'm really busy but if I read something I like/has just taught me something etc, I will make the time to leave a meaningful comment. And if I'm being honest, it does put me off when I leave a comment on a blog repeatedly and I get no comment back. Yes, I said it! Especially when I can see the person is not getting a lot of Comments or Likes. If you liked a guy and you kept showing different ways you liked him and he never responded, would you continue to go out of your way for him. Nope, I dont think so. I rather have a few loyal follows that leave substantial comments than a trillion Likes! The End.

Anonymous said...
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Selenia said...

I absolutely agree with you. I think that everything is getting too easy, even playing games. A lot of times people will choose to play games on their tablets rather than, say, a real board game. I feel so sad when this is the case with children, sometimes I wonder if they play board games when I see them playing on their tablets.


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