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Throwback Thursday: Beauty and the Beast

Throwback Thursday: Beauty and the Beast | Style Through Her Eyes

Throwback Thursday: Beauty and the Beast | Style Through Her Eyes

Throwback Thursday: Beauty and the Beast | Style Through Her Eyes

Throwback Thursday: Beauty and the Beast | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty and the Beast has always been my most favorite Disney cartoon. Here are a few fun facts you probably didn't know about my history with the film...

1) I saw BATB eleven times in the theater. ELEVEN!
2) When I first watched the film at the El Capitan in Hollywood I was crushed that Gaston killed the Beast. I remember crying I was so upset but my dad comforted me and told me to watch what happened. He must've known he'd come back to life ;)
3) We met the artist who drew Gaston, Andreas Deja, twice. Once at the El Capitan (where he did a quick sketch and autograph for us on a napkin) and the other time at Disneyland.
4) Once my family owned the movie on VHS we would sing the songs all the time and my brother and I often reenacted our favorite scenes.
5) I started a BATB collection quite young and to this day occasionally add to it.
6) I was Belle for Halloween twice and eventually wore her gold dress to shreds from playing dress up so much (I cringe at the way I used to take care of things back then! Who was I?).
7) My Uncle, who is now with the Lord, would make me giggle every time I saw him as he'd always say "Hello Belle! Oh, I mean Jennifer." He liked to pretend he forgot my name and it was an ongoing game every time our families got together. What a fond memory!
8) I wanted to have a BATB themed Birthday party but there weren't any party decorations available to purchase so my mom and dad made their own. My dad was quite the artist and drew huge pictures of the characters (we even did pin the tail on the Beast!) and my mom and dad colored them in and made them look JUST LIKE the characters from the movie. I wish I still had them because these drawings were like framed works of art!
9) I debated auditioning to play the part of Belle at Disneyland once ...or twice.
10) Last Summer I met Paige O'Hara (voice of Belle) at the D23 Convention. She took a photo with me and signed my BATB Vinylmation Figure set.

Which Disney movie is your absolute favorite?


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

You were such a cute little girl! And you sure like your BATB :) My fave Disney movie is Fantasia. I just love the combination of the music and visuals. Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend Jenmarie!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Karen said...

I love Beauty and the Beast. The music, the animation, the story. So cool that you met Paige O'Hara and Andreas Deja! Do you know that he has a blog? How awesome is that? http://andreasdeja.blogspot.co.uk

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

You seriously put my Disney love to shame! I think my most-watched movie in the theater was The Lion King (5 times). However, my favorite Disney cartoon is A Goofy Movie (in college once I watched it twice in one night... by myself... yeah). Belle is my favorite princess, though -- I could always relate to her. Dark hair, loves books, hangs out with her dad -- yep!

Richard Marciano said...

such an entertaining post <3



Wow, this is impressive, you certainly are a true Disney lover! I reckon my favourite would be classic Fantasia, but I have also loved The Lion King (TLK) since the beginning, and then saw the Broadway show of it(TLK)twice, which I loved. Adorable photo of you!
/Madison :)

Casee Marie said...

Oh my gosh! I really think we had the same Belle costume. We were twinsies before we even met!

I love this post so much, it gave me such a smile. Your Beauty and the Best memories are the sweetest, and it's so cool that you have all these fun experiences around it. Amazing that you met Paige O'Hara and the artist who drew Gaston! I love that your parents made you a themed birthday party, too. I had one, I remember, and my mom put Belle and Beast figurines on the cake. I was actually just going through boxes and found them (and all my other BATB figures) and stuck in the box was a BATB nightgown I had. It was so tiny! I know we saw a BATB stage show at Disneyworld but I don't remember it so well. I do remember seeing BATB on Ice which I loved! It's definitely my favorite Disney movie - although parts of it really scared me so I think I ended up watching Aladdin (my sister's favorite) more often. ;)

Pop Champagne said...

awww you were so cute!! I've never had a themed b day party that looks so much fun!!

Alicia Mackin said...

Eleven times!! Ok that is dedication or obsession maybe? Haha just kidding and you met the artist, and the voice of Belle wow you are really ARE a number one fan : ) Very cool.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Selenia said...

I love this post! That is so wonderful that you met Andreas Deja and Paige!! Beautiful!


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