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5 Things About Me

5 Things About Me | Style Through Her Eyes

If you knew any of these things about me already you get extra points because these aren't topics I have talked about much or have never mentioned on the blog before. After putting this together I realized a couple of these topics would actually make good individual blog posts. Let me know what you think and if you can relate to any of these things as well!

1) I have anxiety and there are unfortunately several different things that trigger it. When I am feeling anxious my heart races and I may feel stressed or shaky. If it's really bad I will have heart palpations. Some of these symptoms are due to a mitral valve prolapse. Though I have dealt with anxiety for a long time I never really knew that was what I had and wasn't aware of my heart valve abnormality until last December.

2) Growing up I never really had acne, just the occasional spot here and there. It wasn't until my late twenties that I really started to break out, mostly around the bottom half of my face. I discovered through research that getting acne as an adult is actually a common thing that happens. Clinique seemed to help for a while but I believe my skin is beginning to grow immune to it so I am now on the market for a new product. I am thinking about trying Cetaphil. Jennine of The Coveted says it works wonders! Anyone else agree or have any other recommendations?

3) My body has always familiarized itself with any sort of products (like using Clinique), medications, etc. so quickly that I would need to change my routine because it would no longer work. Another example would be a few years ago when I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I was taking vicodin but after just a few days it wasn't working anymore and my doctor had to switch my medication. I honestly didn't expect that to happen with something as strong as vicodin!

4) I have never dyed my hair completely. I did some blonde highlights a long time ago, but that's it! I have contemplated dying it black, a dark red and medium blonde before but I think the look I want the most (and have wanted for over a year) is an ombre like Zoella's. I would absolutely love it and I always think about it. After asking one salon how much they'd charge my eyes widened and I just never did it. Really though, I should look around to compare prices!

5) I will be twenty-nine in about two months but I am already thinking about turning thirty. Occasionally the thought has made me feel a little stressed. I don't want that day to come. I don't think it's old but it feels old, if that makes any sense. It's the actual feeling of getting older and noticing little things that only come with age and I don't like it. I am also really hard on myself and feel like I haven't accomplished enough in my life yet to be thirty. Which, I know, is ridiculous because that's just me letting what the world says get into my head (which I am so against). I always talk about how everybody has their own unique journey and that we are all at different places in our lives. I guess I need to listen to my own advice right about now. Because deep down I know that God has the perfect plan for me and I've done so much with my life already that I couldn't be more proud of.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you have a blessed start to your week ahead.


Closet Fashionista said...

I have social anxiety so I know what you mean! Luckily it's been getting a little better lately, but whenever I am around people I'm always super nervous and if I have to go into an unknown situation my heart starts going SUPER fast...blegh
I've never dyed my hair either, I'm too lazy to want to keep it up, ha ha.

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Beautiful post. I sometimes get anxiety about public speaking or driving some place for the first time. I hate not knowing exactly where I'm going! Also, I get a little anxious if the house is messy. As soon as it gets cleaned up, everything is right in the world.

I would second Cetaphil for adult acne--I get it too. And it's not harsh on sensitive skin.

Crazy about the vicodin. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed 2 years ago--totally sucked.

I think you should go for the Zoella look. Either that or a deep auburn. You could rock that too.

I'll be 29 in 3 months, but I'm not scared about turning 30. I think it's because I look younger than I am (you do too) so being 30 doesn't seem that old. I look at it like, I'll be 30 and people will still think I'm 21...and that's awesome.


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

I've been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was 10 which is why I'm so focused on helping other women with their problems. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, we all have our things and I'm so glad you were brave enough to talk about it here.

Also, you are so lucky you don't have to dye your hair yet! I've been getting gray hairs since I was 23! It's really bad right now haha but fortunately it's hard to tell in pictures. Also, you look WAAAY younger than your age! I think you will just continue to be more beautiful as you get older!

Gabrielle Golobe said...

Oh Jen, this post made me realize we have a lot more in common! I have anxiety too and I now have to watch how much caffeine I consume because it doesn't help. You are so brave for talking about that and for thinking about your age. I catch myself a lot thinking how I'll be 29 in the spring and that's so close to 30. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I am trusting that God is working everything out in his perfect timing. I loved this post!

Melanie Patterson said...

I have always thought that my skin has adjusted to things pretty quickly as well but I think going natural with my products in conjunction with my Clarisonic has really improved things long term. And also drinking plenty of water. I just started drinking soda again (the 24 can pack of Ginger Ale was so tempting that I couldn't resist) and now I'm using Mary Kay ClearProof (via Influenster, actually) and my skin is weirdly clearer than its ever been. I'm using that once a day with African Black Soap (my usual routine is this 2x a day). I find it too harsh for twice a day. Maybe give the system a try!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I developed terrible anxiety when I was sick a few years back and people who've never experienced it before have no idea just how debilitating it can be at times.

I've heard Cetaphil works for adult acne as well. If you need a good spot treatment, mash up a few aspirin and make a paste with lemon and honey. It works wonders!

Paisley said...

Thank you for being so open and honest in this post! I'm 28 and I have the same feelings about turning 30! Also, Cetaphil are my favorite dermatological products. They are probably the simplest products you can put on your face (and pretty cheap) and they work. I use the face wash and moisturizer every day. :)




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