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Affordable Garment Bags & Why You Should Use Them

Affordable Garment Bags And Why You Should Use Them | Style Through Her Eyes

Affordable Garment Bags And Why You Should Use Them | Style Through Her Eyes

Affordable Garment Bags And Why You Should Use Them | Style Through Her Eyes

Once and a while I like to make a stop in the Dollar Tree to see what kinds of treasures I can find. One of the things they carry most of the time are garment bags. They are available in a few different sizes and though they aren't made of super high quality material, they definitely do the job! They can each hold about three pieces of clothing. If you add more than that it may cause the bag to rip (trust me, I've done this before!). I like to use them for my white pieces, dresses, and delicate items. Jason has a few of his white shirts safely tucked away in these as well.

So, why should you use garment bags? Like I mentioned above, I keep my white clothing in garment bags to help preserve them and keep them from turning that ugly yellow-ish color. Also, if you have any delicate items that you don't want brushing against other pieces, a garment bag will protect it from snagging on something. And last, but not least, garment bags protect your clothes from dust, moths and mildew. The less you wear an item, the more dust it's going to collect by just sitting openly in your closet. They are great for clothes you want to save but might not wear very often.

If you are in need of more heavy duty garment bags for traveling or more expensive pieces like suits or dresses, Target and Amazon are good places to start!


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I use garment bags to protect the special occasion dresses in my closet. You're right that they're great for preventing dust and mold.

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Dollar stores are my fave!! I don't usually use garment bags, but now I'm thinking I should start...

Alicia Mackin said...

This is a great tip! Yes perfect for whites and to keep dust off, though I heard keeping your clothes in the plastic from the dry cleaners for an extended period of time can be bad. I notice these garment bags have "breath" holes so that is good!



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