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December Favorites

Happy New Year! In 2014 I began sharing my monthly favorites. I didn't want to do what so many other bloggers were doing but I realized that the idea might be the same but the content everyone shares is completely different! Sometimes it can be hard to remember to document the things I'm loving, but I definitely enjoyed sharing them with you and would like to continue the favorites posts this year!

December Favorites - Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate | Style Through Her Eyes

I'm not as crazy about Starbucks as I used to be. I've always been a fan of their frappuccino's but more recently the aftertaste seems to bother me more than usual. I decided to try a Peppermint Hot Chocolate and it was so delicious! I've been told they always carry peppermint so if you're wanting to try it, definitely ask for it the next time you're in. Speaking of hot chocolate, am I the only one who always burns their tongue during that first sip?

December Favorites - Super Paper Planner | Style Through Her Eyes

December Favorites - Super Paper Planner | Style Through Her Eyes

Choosing a daily planner for this year wasn't difficult at all. I had spotted the Sugar Paper collection at Target and knew instantly there would be the perfect one for me. They have such darling designs in all kinds of patterns and sizes. I chose a medium sized metallic gold planner that fits perfectly in my bag. I love that it has a little bookmark so I'll always know just where to look. Please note: They've run out many of their planners online and in stores but I'm hoping they will re-stock!

December Favorites - 46

Our new 46" Samsung Smart TV (item is now listed at $100 more than what we paid for it!) was definitely one of the highlights of December, especially for Jason. He had been wanting a new TV for a long time. I know it looks small in the photo, but it's really big and looks absolutely fantastic! Our 32" Vizeo TV is going to be moved to our bedroom on a wall mount. We've never had a TV in our room before. We aren't going to hook up a Blu Ray player or anything to it but we will be able to watch Netflix or Hulu whilst in bed from time to time. If you're wondering, those are indeed stuffed gingerbread on top of the side pillars. Not all the Christmas decorations have come down yet. Don't judge, I was sick last week :P

I would like to conclude this post by sharing that my post 3 Things To Do Before I'm 30 was featured on the Links à la Mode list last week!


Happy New Year!

If you're still in your pajamas, you're not alone. Take it easy today, the holidays are officially over. You can start your resolutions tomorrow, but if you're at a loss as to what to resolute, check out these links from IFB's most dedicated members!

Links à la Mode: January 1st

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Closet Fashionista said...

Happy New Year!! :D
I like Starbucks but only for the hot chocolate and very berry hibiscus, haha...I don't drink coffee :)

Nnenna said...

Your new planner is so pretty! I need to pick up a new planner today so I can get organized for the new year.

mariafelicia magno said...

hi dear, your planner it's very nice..
happy new year

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I always burn my tongue! My Starbucks drink of choice is a caramel latte--not a frapp. Although I'm not sure if the taste is different enough not to leave an aftertaste.


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

The TV setup looks great! And I love Sugar Paper!!


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