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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Guys

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Guys | Style Through Her Eyes

Today marks exactly one month until Valentine's Day. If you're like me, you're already thinking about plans for the day and gift ideas for the man in your life. Sometimes guys can be hard to shop for, but if you take a minute to really think about the things he loves and what he enjoys doing, you're bound to come up with something. But just in case, here's a few things that work for all different age groups to get you inspired!

Some guys just really love a good ol' western. I've been told Clint Eastwood's are some of the best. This 4 Disc Set would be a great option for his collection of movies. Tip: Offer to watch one of the films with him! Guys love when you take interest in what they like.

Guys of all ages like video games. My husband is thirty-one and still loves to play games on his PS4. I actually enjoy playing two-player games with him too! If you're not sure which game your honey is wanting next, a Game Stop Gift Card would be a great choice!

Not all men are fashion forward, but if your guy is he'll love this Textured Knit Sweater from H&M. There's something about a sweater with a shawl collar that is so attractive. He'll love the attention you give him while wearing this too ;)

If your boyfriend or husband is a movie buff, Pass the Popcorn! is the perfect game for him! My husband and I actually own this game. It's great to play with a small group of people for some competitive movie trivia fun!

I got Jason a pair of slippers almost exactly like these for Christmas from Kohl's and he loves them! He says they are super warm and comfortable. If he doesn't have a robe, that would make a great addition to this gift as well!

What's your favorite item from this list?


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

My husband likes tech gifts the most but he prefers to buy them himself so I usually buy him clothing or accessories. That sweater is really cute!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

That popcorn game looks super fun!! Brandon's birthday is next week AND Valentine's Day is coming up... sheesh! I better get shopping! :)


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