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Five Minute Friday: Keep

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I think its safe to say that everyone is familiar with the slogan, "Keep Calm & Carry On". Last night as I prepared for bed, I thought, what if we actually kept calm more often? Think about how much better we would feel going about life with an even temperament, and how much more pleasant our days would be! To keep calm during any stressful situation like a job interview, an argument with someone, or when your little one suddenly makes a spill all over the kitchen floor, would make that particular moment so much easier to deal with. The outcome would surely be much more positive and relaxed for everyone involved. If you keep calm during an interview, you're likely to make a better impression. If you keep calm during an argument, you most likely won't say something you didn't mean or end up raising your voice. If you keep calm when your child spills something all over your floor, he or she will be less likely to feel as bad about himself/herself. You could use the opportunity to clean it up together and encourage them to be more careful next time. These are just some very small examples of daily situations we may face.

What are some other ways you can keep calm within this next week?

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Stephanie Loudmouth said...

YES. Keeping calm is so hard for me. I have a lot of emotions and big feelings. But it can make a world of difference!

Alicia Mackin said...

Very true, if you lose your cool, you lose your control and in a way are handing your control over to someone else.


Casee Marie said...

This is such an important reminder. My family always jokes that I'm the most calm under pressure, despite that I always get anxious anticipating things that could go wrong or be uncomfortable, etc. I think achieving peace for ourselves is so important, and that little choice of keeping calm is actually an act of kindness toward ourselves (and toward others, obviously). Thanks for sharing this, Jen!


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