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February Favorites - Fashion, Film, Hair & Health!

This year is already flying by! I was worried at first because the months started out pretty warm here, but the temperature suddenly dropped and even a bit of rain decided to make an appearance recently. Thank goodness! I was already beginning to dread Summer, which is much too early to be thinking about! Anyhow, let's take a look at some of my favorite things last month shall we?

February Favorites - Cotton On Scarf | Style Through Her Eyes

I love this multi-colored scarf from Cotton On. It was gifted to me by a friend who knows me quite well. I love scarves and have a pretty decent collection, but none like this one! I love that it has some weight to it which makes it perfect for adding some color to my outfit during this season.

February Favorites - How To Train Your Dragain 2 | Style Through Her Eyes

Jason and I finally got around to watching How To Train Your Dragon 2. Though I think the first one is better, it really had a great story. I just wish Toothless had more screen time! He's my favorite character. Jason, however, absolutely loved it and thought it was just as good as the first movie. Both films have nothing but good reviews and were nominated for Oscars! Have you seen these movies? The animation is incredible and the characters are so real.

February Favorites - Frizz Defy by Nexxus Salon Hair Care | Style Through Her Eyes

After running out of my John Frieda Frizz-Ease, I decided to try Frizz Defy by Nexxus Salon Hair Care. I personally think it works a little better and it makes my hair feel really nice, like I didn't even put anything in it. The product is soft and smooth, so it doesn't leave behind any sticky residue. It also has moroccan argan oil and coconut extract, which is probably why it smells so good!

February Favorites - Waterpik | Style Through Her Eyes

This purchase was such an exciting one for Jason and I because we had been talking about getting a waterpik for some time. He typically has healthy gums and doesn't usually have any problems with his teeth. Of course, I am the complete opposite. I've read articles and many individual stories that investing in a waterpik would definitely help my issues. So after doing a lot of research, we decided on this one which has almost a five star rating on the Kohl's website and over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon! It has a nice and easy-to-use water reservoir and comes with six different specialized tips with ten water pressure settings. When using it, you actually get to see everything that it's cleaning out from between your teeth and your gums. It might be gross to some people to see everything drip into the sink but I'd rather it be down the drain than in my mouth throughout the day (whenever we're home, we use it after every meal)! Now, as amazing as it is, this isn't meant to replace flossing. For example, there may be food debris that got pushed down further into your gums that only flossing can remove. At the same time, flossing can miss some things you can't see, which is where the waterpik comes in. You have to use both to achieve healthy gums and zero to fewer cavities.

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for reading, friends!


Closet Fashionista said...

That scarf is so pretty! And I still haven't seen HtTyD 2, haha...eventually XD I'm a bit of a Disney/Pixar snob ;)

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I also had the same thoughts on HTTYD2. Very good, but the first movie is better. Will also have to invest in a waterpik some day. It sounds gross, yet awesome.


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

That's a really lovely scarf! We've been considering getting a Waterpik so I'll be interested to see how yours works out for you!

Rowena @ rolala loves


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