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Five Minute Friday: Plan

Five Minute Friday: Plan | Style Through Her Eyes

I like love to plan. I always have my planner on me and use it on a daily basis. You'll find everything from birthdays to blog posts schedules inside. Being a planner also means I'm a major list maker. I feel that plans keep me organized and in check with things that need to be done or events that are coming up. They remind me of what I need to buy at the store or of an idea for a blog post. Work schedules and pay dates are important too! See? I don't know what my life would be without my schedule and many lists. I think they're great for keeping yourself accountable and in-the-know and they're especially beneficial if you tend to be forgetful. Is that you? Keeping a daily pocket planner with you or having a desk calendar will absolutely help! If you're lazy or just can't be bothered with a pen and paper, there are ways to remind yourself of important dates and create lists on your phone. All smartphones come with the calendar app and there are many others to help you get organized too. Try Evernote for lists and/or notes (which you can sync to your computer if you also have the program on there) and search for "planner and organizer" or "list maker" in your Google Play or iTunes app stores. As for actual planners, I love the Paper Sugar collection at Target but they also have basic ones if you're more of a plain jane.

Tell me, are you a planner like myself?

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Kristin Taylor said...

Oh, yes, I'm a planner. :) I love my old-fashioned paper planner, but my husband and I use Google calendar so we can sync our lives. I'm glad to be your neighbor at FMF.

Susan Shipe said...

I'm a semi-planner! With a little free spirit mixed in! #FMF Like your website!


Yes, I love using planners too, even though I use my computer and calendar recorders, I still carry a leather notebook/filofax and also use it for work.
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Marissa said...

I'm totally with you! I'd be lost without my lists. I actually just use the "notes" app on my iPhone. I should really try out Evernote, though.

Anonymous said...

I should probably be more of a planner. I tend to take things day by day and just plan things out each morning, but now that I have little ones, that is starting to change.


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