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Products I Use To Wash My Hair

Products I Use To Wash My Hair | Style Through Her Eyes

Please excuse my irregular posting schedule this week, I've been really busy and didn't have time to make finishing touches on the content I have scheduled. Now, onto more exciting things! I've never loved my hair washing routine more than I do now and wanted to share it with you. If you want to fall in love with your hair all over again, than this post is for you!

Products I Use To Wash My Hair | Style Through Her Eyes

Although this was the final product I added to my new hair washing routine, it made a big difference! It also smells amazing, which I think is an important factor! After using shampoos from Aveeno, Organix, Garnier, John Frieda, etc. and never being fully satisfied with the results, I decided it was time to invest in something more extravagant to see if it made a difference. I decided to look into the Nexxus Salon Hair Care products and ended up purchasing the Pro-Mend Split End Treatment Shampoo. It's normally $13.99 for 13.5 fl oz. at Ulta, but after the sale price and my coupon, I paid under $10 for it. Split ends like to show up often on this hair of mine, so I wanted to get something that focused on that problem while still doing a good job of cleansing and making it looked revived. Combined with my new conditioner that I've been using for a little over a month now, my hair has never felt so luxurious and soft! This shampoo claims to revive damaged hair while giving it a soft, vibrantly healthy look and I could not agree more!

There is a 33.8 fl oz. bottle of this shampoo at Target for $15.99 here and you can find many other Nexxus Shampoos here!

Tip: When washing your hair, be sure to work the shampoo at the nape of your neck. Some people seem to be unaware that this area needs to be washed well too. You'll be astonished at how much it lathers up!

Products I Use To Wash My Hair | Style Through Her Eyes

I've probably been losing hair for about a year. I'm talking full strands of hair. Several will fall out in the shower, later while I'm styling it, and if I just grab my hair during the day I can pull out two to three strands easily! Luckily, you would never be able to tell. As I've stated above, I've tried various shampoos and conditioners, even some that are targeted towards hair falling out but none of them have ever worked. I expressed my concerns to a sales rep. at Ulta and they recommended the Shea Moisture Superfruit Conditioner. I have noticed a little less hair falling out and although I'm still dealing with this problem I think the rest of the benefits of this conditioner have been fabulous. I started noticing a difference in my hair almost immediately after using this product. And again, using it with the shampoo creates an amazing duo. The conditioner is a 10-in-1 renewel system with marula oil (supports hair elasticity) and biotion (nourishes individual strands for thicker and stronger hair). There are no sulfates, parabens, sythentic colors or fragrances and it also hydrates, nourishes, softens, strengthens, etc. It's pretty much magic in a bottle!

Products I Use To Wash My Hair | Style Through Her Eyes

About once a week I will apply this hair mask by Clairol Hair Food after applying my conditioner and thoroughly work them both into my hair. I let it sit for about five minutes or so (the longer the better!) and then rinse it. If you think you have no time to let conditioners or masks sit, try shaving or washing and making the rinsing your last step in the shower. This product provides a little extra moisture and makes my hair even softer and smoother. It's great for special occasions too!

I now find it exciting to wash and condition my hair! It feels AMAZING and looks pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. I've also noticed a dramatic thickness to my hair. I've always had thick hair but I'm all for the extra voluminous-ness! For those wondering, I wash my hair about every other day depending on different circumstances. To keep it looking fabulous and fresh in between washes I do use a dry shampoo, but that will be discussed in a different post coming up soon!

Let me know if you have any questions! I'd also love to know which products you use and love!


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This was interesting. The Shea Moisture Superfruit Conditioner sounds amazing. I'm more of a co-washer and alternate between Wen and Renpure products. I only wash my hair 2x a week and I deep condition with pure coconut oil every other week.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Alicia Mackin said...

I know washing at the nape of the neck makes a difference if you just do the top and sides it is not clean enough. I hear you about the hair issue. I have been dealing with that for a number of years now. I think it is partly natural aging. But that said I do see many more young women with noticeably thinning hair. We are talking scalp here. I think it much worse now then it was a few decades ago. I think it has to do with all the things in the food and plastics disrupting the endocrine system. I may do a post on this at some point. My brother specializes in this.


McKenzie Truman said...

I've been looking to update my hair game and I think you've really helped me out here! Especially because your hair always looks so healthy and shiny! Can't wait to try some of these products!


Cheryl van den Berg said...

I must say, I've always liked the look of your hair. Thanks for sharing your washing guide with us. A hair mask is so awesome to use. I also do a deep conditioning every now and then to really moisturize my hair.


Jessica said...

I use Nexxus too!


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