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Five Minute Friday: Good

Five Minute Friday: Good | Style Through Her Eyes
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I have always been determined to find the good in people and everyday situations. Actually, determined is not even the right word. It comes so naturally for me that I don't hardly think of it. Does that makes sense? It just happens. I suppose its just part of who I am. I think if you're a happy and positive person, this way of thinking and just going about life comes a lot easier. I believe that being happier and having a more positive outlook on things can be achieved by the choices you make each day. I'm not going to tell you that I always think and feel this way, because I'm human and sometimes I have bad days and there are also times where I have to search harder for the good. But being surrounded by so much negativity in this world definitely encourages and challenges me to be happy and to find the good in things. Life is so much better this way!

Is it hard for you to stay positive? Do you try to find the good in people/situations? Is it easy or difficult for you? Why or why not?

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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Mary Hill said...

I struggle too with this especially when I have to face someone who has hurt me badly. How can I find good in them. Then I remember Christ found good in me and He died for me. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you too.


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