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Beauty Box 5: Flash Tattoo Review

Beauty Box 5: Flash Tattoo Review | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Flash Tattoo Review | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Flash Tattoo Review | Style Through Her Eyes

Beauty Box 5: Flash Tattoo Review | Style Through Her Eyes

In this month's Beauty Box 5 box I received a sample sheet of Pur~lisse Flash Tattoos. I was so excited about these that I forgot to take a decent picture of the full sheet of the tattoos before cutting the different designs out to try them! With a wet wash cloth I was easily able to transfer each of the tattoos I placed on my chest and wrist by holding the wash cloth on top of the tattoo for about 45 seconds. They are said to last for about 3 to 5 days and can be removed using baby oil or coconut oil with gentle scrubbing. I'm currently on the second day of wearing them and they look great! I'm so happy that I finally got to try these out and I love how they look on! I found a few websites via Google that sell them, including Flash Tattoo, but you can also find them in stores at Sephora and Target.

Have you tried any of these metallic looking tattoos yet? What do you think of them?

Here's what else I got in my box! Three full size products (lip liner, lip gloss and nail polish) along with some serum and face cream samples. You can get multiple sized products like these every month for just $12! Sign up here!

Beauty Box 5: Flash Tattoo Review | Style Through Her Eyes

Disclosure: The items mentioned above were sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

The one that looks like a bracelet is so pretty on you! You just reminded me that I have a sheet of these stashed somewhere that I need to try out :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Closet Fashionista said...

I haven't tried any tattoos yet, just because they're expensive and I know I won't use them all that much, ha ha.
Love the color nail polish you got!

Alicia Mackin said...

I have always wanted to try these tattoos, they look awesome on you. And because of yesterdays post when I was in Warby Parker I looked at glasses that were similar to yours in coral.


Casee Marie said...

Oh my goodness, these look great on you! I love the bracelet one. I remember seeing metallic tattoos (stick-ons) somewhere once a while back (Pinterest, maybe) but I've never seen them in stores. I'll have to look for them the next time I'm at Target! They would've been great for my sister, she's been going to music festivals all summer and she probably would've loved wearing them. But she just left today for her last one of the season, haha. I'll definitely have to share the idea with her, though!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Looks like you had a fun girls day in Disney. I haven't been to Disneyland (ever) or Disneyworld in a really long time!



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