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June Favorites: Accessories, Apps, Film & Food

I feel like I just wrote about my favorites in May! I think one of the reasons the year is just flying by for Jason and I is because we have had countless events and weddings on top of the Birthdays we celebrate every month. There's been so many amazing things happening though and I can definitely say this has been one great year so far!

June Favorites: Acessories, Apps, Film & Food | Style Through Her Eyes

I wanted a somewhat festive accessory to wear for the 4th of July so at the end of June I chose a few charms to add to my Brighton Charm Necklace ($30). I picked out the ABC Heart Charm ($9.50) and a couple of Swirly Spacers ($6) to go on each side of the heart. I like the spacers because they look like waves, which happens to be the meaning of my name, white wave.

June Favorites: Acessories, Apps, Film & Food | Style Through Her Eyes

June Favorites: Acessories, Apps, Film & Food | Style Through Her Eyes

Last month my Gramma came to visit during the weekend of my mom's Birthday. I treated my mom to El Torito for lunch for her special day where we both enjoyed a delicious Grilled Chicken Taco Salad and talked about most things Disney and Star Wars. While my Gramma was down we also had a girls day and went to get frozen yogurt from our favorite place, Yogurtland, with some shopping at Home Goods afterwards.

June Favorites: Acessories, Apps, Film & Food | Style Through Her Eyes

Jason and I weren't planning on seeing Jurassic World in theaters. We both thought the trailers didn't look good but then we randomly decided to go and see it one weekend. We left the movie completely shocked and entertained! I definitely didn't expect it to be the most intense Jurassic movie. At one point my knee was almost up to my chest and I found my hand constantly over my mouth during the movie. It's very action-packed! There is some cheesy dialogue but the acting was good. We had never seen Chris Pratt in anything before and enjoyed his performance. If you liked the previous Jurassic Park films, I think you'll like this one!

June Favorites: Acessories, Apps, Film & Food | Style Through Her Eyes

To say I have been obsessed with the Star Wars Card Trader app is an understatement. It's basically a digital card trading game where you earn a certain amount of coins each day to purchase card packs that are released throughout the day. You may pull a card you want but sometimes you won't get anything that you were hoping for. The great thing is, you can trade with other fans in the app's Fan Feed or on the Facebook Group, Black Sun Cantina. There are various card rarities and many sets to collect. Oh, and if you pull a rare one and don't care to keep or trade it, you might even list it on eBay. Yep, it's pretty intense and has actually become the first thing I check on my phone each morning. I never even expected that!

Hope you all had a great month too! xoxo


Closet Fashionista said...

This year is definitely going by really fast!
I havent seen Jurassic World yet, will probably wait for the DVD. And you haven't seen Chris Pratt in ANYTHING? Wowza! Ha ha. But I guess he hasn't starred in much. You should see Guardians of the Galaxy, he's so funny in that. Apart from that I have only seen him in a few things (Bride Wars and What's Your Number, and he was also in Moneyball but I can't remember him in that) but most of those were small roles.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Your name has such a cool meaning and those swirly spacers totally do look like your waves. Your Gramma sounds really cool and it's awesome you have common interests. Mine would have no clue about Star Wars or Disneyland.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I wasn't in love with the Jurassic Park movie, but it was fun for summer. By the way, you and your mom have the same smile! :)



It's nice to get caught up on what's happening in your life. What a lovely photo of you and your family on girl's day out. The charm necklace is nice as well. <3 Enjoy your weekend. We are thinking of finally going to see Jurassic World on the weekend.
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