Jenmarie is a bubbly and petite thirty-one year old who loves to laugh and always thinks shopping is a good idea. She has been happily married for nine years to the man of her dreams and loves all things Star Wars & Disney. You've stumbled upon her blog of fashion, beauty and lifestyle where she shares her outfits, reviews, beauty tips, favorite things, and inspirational pick-me-ups. Have a look around and send her a note if you wish!

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July Favorites: Memories

July was a blast! My husband's brother proposed to his girlfriend on the fourth during the fireworks show and my brother also proposed one week after when he and his girlfriend went skydiving! We're so excited for them all! We also celebrated Jason's birthday though I guess we had too much fun to take any photos :/ He was working the day of but we stopped for Thai food and watched Mortal Kombat. Definitely not my kind of movie but he enjoyed it and that's all that mattered. One of my nieces also had a birthday! We took her and my other niece to the American Girl Store and they had an absolute blast! I also got to meet one of my long-time online friend's Karen, which I blogged about last week right here. And last, but not least, I got some frozen yogurt with my mom and sister. They have super cute collectible spoons and new yummy flavors based off of the game Candy Crush (which I actually haven't played in ages). I got an email that they had the Panda Bear spoon and I told my mom we had to go asap! I was so happy they had it in stock. Isn't it cute? As you can see, the month was quite eventful. Surprisingly there weren't any new products that stood out to me during those four weeks but I think time spent with loved ones is so much more fun :)

July Favorites: Memories | Style Through Her Eyes

July Favorites: Memories | Style Through Her Eyes

July Favorites: Memories | Style Through Her Eyes

July Favorites: Memories | Style Through Her Eyes

July Favorites: Memories | Style Through Her Eyes

How has your Summer been going so far?


littlelala said...

that is a lot of joy in one month friend!! congrats on all the lovely engagements :D. ALSO, I often am having too much fun to remember to take pictures ;)

Casee Marie said...

I love all these photos! (Especially the skydiving one - such a great shot.) Many congrats to your brother-in-law and your brother; it sounds like you had lots of exciting things happening around every corner this summer!


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