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Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

I have long and very thick hair so often times even a low ponytail will trigger a small headache which is why you normally see my hair down in most photos. It's my favorite way to wear my hair, thank goodness, but one day I felt like trying something different. I remembered a simple but super cute updo I had seen online somewhere and although I didn't end up finding it I was able to pull it off by memory. I can't take credit for this tutorial but I hope that you find it fun and freeing! Oh, and if you're wondering, I went headache free with this stylish updo.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Second day hair will work best for this look. If your hair is looking a bit flat on top you can always tease it or add some dry shampoo to give it more volume. I also like to smooth away any frizz with styling cream. The one I used by Nexxus seems to be discontinued but John Frieda also has good options.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Choose your headband of choice and place it on the top of your head. I find this style works best with a thicker band. This one is soft and stretchy which will help to prevent headaches. Score!

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

I separate my hair into sections about this thick to prep it for folding over and under the headband. In total I probably separate about 8 sections of hair.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Before I wrap my hair over and under the headband, I fold the section of hair in half to make it easier to wrap around.

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Now it's time for the wrapping around! There's no need to try and make it perfect, it's all about being quick with a result that looks effortless. Be sure to secure the sections with bobby pins (focusing especially on the middle and sides of your head) and hairspray of your choice!

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

Downton Abbey-esque Hair Tutorial | Style Through Her Eyes

The results are a beautiful and breezy updo. The fun part is, it will turn out slightly different each time you do it, especially when you have different textures to work with (ex: wavy, curly or straight). I've worn my hair like this a few times already and each time I've received several compliments leaving women inspired to try it themselves. It also reminded them of Downton Abbey and even Snow White!

What do you think? Will you try this easy updo yourself?


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Great job and this style looks very pretty on you! Nice that it didn't induce any headaches either :) You have gorgeous hair girl!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh so pretty!! And looks pretty easy too! :D

mariafelicia magno said...

beautiful!thanks for sharing

Karen said...

I love this style! It's so versatile and even someone who is horrible with doing hair (like myself) can do it. I love doing it with a bejewelled headband for a more formal occasion.

Cheryl van den Berg said...

The updo is perfect on you. I actually get a headache if my hair is up for too long as well, so I totally get it. Gorgeous look, though!


Alicia Mackin said...

Oh wow you did such a great job with this! I have the same problem or did. My hair has thinned quite a bit from when I was in high school, but even now I get a headache and my hair just does not look good in a pony tail no matter what I do, if I go for the messy look or try to brush it in to a pony tail nope does not look good and if I do it lose it falls out and tight looks bad. I give up.



Great tutorial! My nan actually used to always wear her hair this way. It's a nice and simple style, I like how it can be modernised too.
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