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Anxiety Relief: Art Therapy

Around the holidays I discovered something called "Art Therapy". Some refer to them as coloring books for adults, but after doing some research and picking up the Star Wars Art Therapy Book at Michael's, I discovered they are much more than coloring pages. I was moved by the idea behind these specialized coloring books and wanted to be sure to share my discovery with all of you. I'm all about finding natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety. I think taking time to be creative by coloring intricate and unique designs can be a very calming and distracting tool. I've already begun coloring one of the pages myself and I found it both enjoyable and relaxing. I also think these art therapy books would make a good addition to your home to encourage more time to yourself, which might even prevent stress and anxiety before it comes on! Too many of us don't spend enough time on ourselves these days!

There are many different themes to choose from and you can find them at various stores for around $10-$15. I've included a handful below to help get you started!

Anxiety Relief: Art Therapy | Style Through Her Eyes
Art Therapy | Michael's - $9.99

Anxiety Relief: Art Therapy | Style Through Her Eyes
Star Wars Art Therapy | Michael's - $15.99

Anxiety Relief: Art Therapy | Style Through Her Eyes
The Mindfulness Coloring Book (Pocket Sized) | Barnes & Noble - $9.95

Anxiety Relief: Art Therapy | Style Through Her Eyes
Disney Princess Art Therapy | Target - $9.95

Anxiety Relief: Art Therapy | Style Through Her Eyes
Creative Therapy: An Anti-stress Coloring Book | Wal Mart - $10.82

Are you familiar with Art Therapy coloring books? Do you think you will try one?


mariafelicia magno said...

i love it..

Shayne said...

I love my colors books. It is so relaxing.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I've been hearing about the therapeutic effects of adult coloring books but I haven't tried any yet.

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I went to Michaels a few weeks ago and got a coloring book and some Prismacolor pencils and have had so much fun! Totally need the Star Wars book in my life.


Alicia Mackin said...

Oh yes indeed I have heard to them, they are a HUGE trend, the company I use to work is coming out with some. They can be a lot of fun, though for me being a graphic designer I don't really need them but i can see why people like them.



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