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Beauty Box Five: Happy Hair Turban Review

Beauty Box Five: Happy Hair Turban Review | Style through Her Eyes

Everyone knows the experience of feeling like your head weighs a thousand pounds with a large full body towel wrapped tightly around your wet hair. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with weight, balancing, or having to re-wrap anymore because the makers of the Happy Hands Gloves and the Happy Face Cloth have created the Happy Hair Turban! Like their other products, the Happy Hair Turban is eco friendly and machine washable! It's super light weight, making it comfortable to wear, and it soaks up more water from your hair better than the average towel does. Plus, it's super easy to use and has a small elastic loop to bring the end of the turban forward after twisting it around your hair to hold in place! I just love it!

Beauty Box Five: Happy Hair Turban Review | Style through Her Eyes

The Happy Hair Turban was sent to subscribers of the Beauty Box 5 box in September's box and will soon be available to purchase for $18! Be sure to follow the Shop Happy Products Facebook and website for updates and to shop their other products! I reviewed their Happy Face Makeup Cleansing cloth last October if you're interested in hearing more about it!

What sort of towel do you use to soak up the excess water from your hair?

Disclosure: The Happy Hair Turban was sent to me by Beauty Box 5. All opinions are 100% my own.



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