January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More!

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

I've been on a bit of a ring kick lately. I wore this Eternal Stack Ring by Brighton Collectibles most days last month and still can't stop wearing it! I love how sparkly it is and the fact that if it were to shift around during the day you'd never be able to tell as the entire band is covered in Swarovski crystals. It's super comfortable, and it looks like a million bucks but it's actually only $32.00. Who would've thought?

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

While my husband Jason and I were in line at Starbucks, I spotted That's It fruit bars. I had never heard of the brand before and immediately began to look it over. It is made of only Non GMO apples and berries with no added sugar and no preservatives. We both ended up getting the same bar and enjoyed the afternoon pick-me-up along with our drinks. He said it reminded him of fruit roll ups, though I can tell you it's a lot less sweet! They're actually quite similar to Larabars, which I also like. I'm always excited to discover new and healthy foods! You can find their fruit bards at places like Starbucks, Target, and Whole Foods. Have you heard of this brand before?

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

This pretty pink nail polish called Girl arrived in my Beauty Box 5 box last month. I've used Nanacoco nail polishes before but this is definitely my favorite of the colors I own! It's extremely easy to apply and has a beautiful solid but pearlescent finish. I only needed one coat too! And yes, that is a full-sized nail polish. All of the products that are included in the BB5 boxes each month are full sized or deluxe samples. If you're interested in signing up, you can do so here.

January Favorites: Brighton Collectibles, BB5 Box, & More! | Style Through Her Eyes

Jason surprised me with a paint night date last weekend and let me tell you, we had the BEST time! I've heard such great things about these places that host painting events and have always wanted to experience what it was like. The place was packed with couples, friends, families, people celebrating Birthdays and other special events which made the atmosphere that much more exciting. Typically the price you pay for two is around $50-$60 depending one where you go (there are several independent shops and small chains that host these painting gigs), and sometimes you can find Groupon deals or a BOGO 50% sale. The price includes a canvas, paint, and any other materials you'll need to make your painting come to life. Ours looks different from each other because we decided to do it that way. We thought it would be fun to have different backgrounds and different colored roses to hang next to each other in our bedroom. That's the fun thing, you can choose whether to follow the instructor's exact instructions or add your own special touch. Did I also mention you can bring drinks and snacks? Yeah, it's a super laid back and a wonderful experience to share with someone you love. This was by far one of the best dates with Jason I've ever had!

When the Beauty and the Beast live action film was announced, I was very intrigued. But after seeing the first couple of trailers, I was a little unsure about it even though the music captivated me ever so much. This movie is my absolute favorite Disney film of all time so I was and still am expecting a lot but the feeling I got from the trailers was an over abundance of CGI. Later on, after the Beast was revealed, I was turned off again by his appearance (mostly by his devil-like horns). And although I'm still unsure of his overall look, the casting of Emma Watson as Belle, and the CGI issue, the final trailer that was released just days ago got me so pumped for this movie! It looks beautiful and for the most part, it seems to follow the original story line well. I know I should have more faith considering how much I loved Maleficent and really enjoyed Cinderella and The Jungle Book. I actually do hope to love this movie though I don't think any re-make could ever top the 1991 animated cartoon. What do you think of the newest trailer?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Xoxo


  1. Love that nail color!
    and *gasp* you don't think Emma will be a good Belle?! Whenever discussions of who would play her came up I always thought of Emma, she'll be perfect!! But I do agree, not sure of how the beast looks. I wasn't as big of a fan of The Jungle Book but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cinderella! But I agree, nothing will ever top the original.

  2. Paint nights always sound so fun, and much like adult coloring books this is a great way to relieve stress and be creative at the same time. And that ring is gorgeous! I only wear rings now on special occasions as you have to constantly take them off to wash your hands, which I did at work and forgot and left the latest ring I purchased in the bathroom, when I realized and went back a few hours later it was gone. The this past Friday at a meeting I noticed my coworker was wearing one exactly like it. Hmmm....

    Allie of ALLIENYC