Welcome the Blazer

What I wore:
Blazer: Aryn K.
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Mossimo
Wedges: Mossimo
Necklace: Cookie Lee
Ring: Forever 21
Bag: Daisy Fuentes
Lips: Avon

My husband and I visited a pleasant little place that could almost be a mini park around the corner from our home. There are small bridges, lots of green grass, trees, large rocks, a pond and even ducks! It sounds like it's a big place but it really isn't. Try picturing a very long sidewalk (right along the street) with all the things I mentioned surrounding you on both sides. Do you see it? We've been talking about going there forever just to walk around. It's funny how beautiful places like these can make you feel like you're somewhere far away. I'm now hooked and will definitely be going back there to take more photos.

I was so excited when High Gloss Fashion offered to send me their White Power Shoulder Blazer. Would you believe this is the first blazer to make it's way into my closet? It's true but I'm thrilled! I absolutely love how soft it is, the unique cut of the sleeves and the pointy shoulders! I paired it with a new ruffled floral top from Forever 21, skinny jeans, wedges, and my new aviators I picked up last weekend for $3 (also from Forever 21). I just love their yellow tag deals! The bag is actually a few years old. I remember receiving it from my best friend with the latest issue of The Knot inside before I got married.

Do you own a blazer? How do you style it? Feel free to show us on our Facebook if you have a minute! We'd love to see!



  1. Love the way you put this outfit together. I can't wait to bring out the spring wear!

  2. Love blazers! I find the most awesome ones at second hand stores. This one looks really cute!
    Hot Pink Day

  3. You look totally badass :) Awesome

  4. You look so beautiful Jen!!! Awesome pics too.
    xoxo behindthelashes.com

  5. Gorgeous picks! You look great as always! Cute blazer. :)

  6. CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. LOVE this look, but I always love your looks!

    It is so classy, and relaxed!

  8. I'm so sorry my comments are so late! I seriously don't know where the time has gone this last week!

    That little park is so cute! Nature is such a lovely backdrop for fashion. I love the combination of textures and colors, you know? (I'm fiercely waiting for our trees to blossom and our grass to turn green.) And that blazer is adorable! I'm something of a blazer fiend, I have so many, but I admit they're all long sleeved. I have one short sleeved cardigan but beyond that I never think to try the style!

  9. It is the same! lol

    Yours seems to fit you more loosely. I like it like that. They give different overall look I think. yours seems very relaxed.