SHE Wears: Sproos Accessories & Giveaway

For our third installment in the SHE Wears series we're thrilled to be sharing our reviews of products received courtesy of Sproos! Launched just this past May, Sproos is a charming destination for hair accessories with sass, style and substance. Creator Melissa Matos, an art school graduate, decided to pursue her own business when she realized how difficult it is to find hair accessories with accessible style, realistic prices and enduring quality. "It's all about being practical and innovative," she says of Sproos. "You shouldn't have to buy a whole new outfit to feel you have variety in your wardrobe. Adding subtle or vibrant accessories to your clothes can make all the difference." You can read more about Melissa and Sproos over here.

What Jenmarie Wore:

Top/Lace Cardigan: Target
Maxi Skirt: Kohl's
Flats: Shoe shop in the mall
Headband: Pearls of Wisdom Stretch Headband c/o Sproos
XOXO Bag: DD'S Discounts

I am very excited about my new Pearl Headband and love the way it looks against my dark brown hair! I am very pleased with the quality and the fit. I wondered at first if the pearls would bother my scalp but I was proved wrong as it's very comfortable! Before I took my photos I had a necklace on but I felt it blended too much with the headband and that it took away from it's beauty. I decided the headband did the job perfectly on it's own. It was the only accessory I needed!

My lace cardigan you've seen before back in November in this post. It's one of my favorite lace pieces. This is the first time I paired it with this skirt which I purchased years ago before maxis made their comeback. Mixing pieces with others you wouldn't normally think of pairing together is a fun experience and the results are sometimes surprisingly positive. As I ran my errands for the day I had the feeling of a relaxed elegance and I have my pearl headband to thank for inspiring this outfit. Thank you again Melissa for sharing your beautiful products with us!

What Casee Marie Wore:
Sheer skirt (worn as a dress): Sparkle and Fade
Scarf (worn as a shirt): gifted
Cardigan: Leo & Nicole
Necklace: gifted
Earrings and bag: White House Black Market
Shoes: MaddenGirl
Bow: Cheetah's Roar Bow Clip c/o Sproos

When I first saw this bespeckled bow I knew the possibilities would be endless; its color is the perfect sort of tan to go with anything - and what outfit wouldn't benefit from a punch of animal print? I also love that the back has both a clip and pin, making it a dual accessory. It can be a barrette or a brooch in a snap! It's also wonderful quality, lightweight enough that you don't even feel it in your hair but without being flimsy. It's very well made, which I really appreciate. Keep an eye on our Facebook page because I'll be sharing some of the other ways I've worn it!

As for the rest of the outfit, this scarf-as-a-shirt look is something I picked up recently from the lovely Tanesha of Girl With Curves. I can't get enough of the trick, and with the amount of scarves I have I feel like I doubled my wardrobe. The sheer skirt is actually a maxi skirt but it only falls to just below my calves, making it a somewhat awkward length, so I decided to wear it instead as a dress. I do this a lot with my maxi skirts, and I do believe it was Ashley of Ashley4Emergy who got me started on it. I just love it when bloggers share their tips for reworking pieces!


We're very excited to have the opportunity to offer one of our readers some snazzy hair finery from Sproos by hosting a giveaway! Entering is simple and the contest is open to local and international readers.


- Visit Sproos and let us know in a comment which accessory is your favorite.
- Be sure to leave your e-mail address so we'll know how to contact you if you win!


- Follow SHE on Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin', Twitter or Facebook
- Follow Sproos on Facebook, Twitter or at the Sproos blog
- Tweet about the giveaway (example: I just entered to win a hair accessory from @sprooshop at @sheblog!)

Let us know which of the above you've done! (You don't have to leave a separate comment for each.) We'll randomly chose a winner on Monday, August 1st. Good luck! And thanks again to Melissa at Sproos for inviting us to review these products.

Please note: some items on Sproos may be low or out of stock. Please have a secondary choice prepared just in case. Thanks!


  1. That hair accessories look beautiful on you guys! They're so you! Haha. Casey, you WOULD choose the leopard print one, and the same goes for you and the pearls Jen!

    I'm definitely interested in the giveaway! I love the leopard scarf! :)

    My email is I follow you guys via Bloglovin', and I liked Sproos on Facebook! I also tweeted about it!


  2. You both are so gorgeous! Loving your hair accessories!

  3. I am loving the crown jewel headband!


  4. It's so hard to choose between the Green with Envy Feather headband and the France Luxe Lacy Headwrap.
    Well, I have a thing for feathers these days so...
    And I'm following you guys on Twitter and Facebook

  5. I love the L. Erickson Metal Blossom Headband! I love sparkly, but simple things and this fits the bill nicely. thanks!

  6. Great giveaway you two! What a cute little website. All the stuff is adorable. Too bad I can't wear head wear to work as I work in a call center :(
    But on my days off I would love to wear the Green With Envy Feather Headband. You know I love feathers. ;)

    Thanks for entering me to win! :)

    - Heidi

  7. Of course I am following you through Twitter and Facebook! :)

    - Heidi

  8. I am following Sproos on twitter!

    - Heidi

  9. I tweeted the giveaway too:!/msfashinista/status/93845412028481536

    - Heidi

  10. u both look beautiful and stylish.great post.i am following you cos i like your style and your blog.follow back if u want dear.

  11. two most beautiful outfits! you girls look spectacular! love all the colors and patterns!

  12. I love Sproos and I love their Leopard print head scarf!

    My email address:

    I follow SHE on GFC, twitter & Facebook

    I follow Sproos on GFC(blog), twitter & Facebook

    I also tweeted this giveaway:!/Mizz_Sunshine85/status/94656834274738176

  13. I absolutely adore the Double Ribbon Clips. They are darling!

    I follow you on fb and twitter, and Sproos on fb. My email is

  14. Sproos are great aren't they? They sent me some stuff too - the pearl headband was one of my faves too :)

  15. OK! I will not be forced to choose between the lovely leopard bow piece Casee is wearing and the "Where in the World" headband. I just won't do you'll have accept 2 :).

  16. OH JEN!! I love your skirt :)

  17. My fave item on Sproos is the Night's black feather headband.


    i follow SHE on GFC, twitter and FB.

  18. You both wear your Sproos accessories very well! I'm loving your style and loving the headwear too! My favorite is the L Erickson Safari headband- how fun is that? I really want it now! I'm picturing what I could wear it with...
    I follow SHE and Sproos on twitter now as @merigoesround!

    p.s. I have a giveaway going on until this evening as well- check it out if you like!

  19. Jenmarie,

    That outfit is so chic and you are totally rocking it!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    totally seeing red