Grasswalkers - High Heel Strips

What a lifesaver Grasswalkers are! Never heard of them? They're transparent strips that adhere to the bottom of your heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass, which every female complains about! These little guys even have non-skid pads on the bottom to prevent you from slipping (though it is recommended you refrain from using these on wet grass). There are three different sizes and even though mine were a little short (I got small but could've used the medium), they still worked great! I was easily able to walk and they stayed put perfectly! I also really like the fact that you can barely tell I have them on. I think these are perfect for when you're having outdoor pictures taken, a backyard reception to attend or even a funeral where it's especially difficult to get around. You can order yourself a pair of Grasswalkers for only $8.99! Keep in mind that they are made for a one time use but if you plan on wearing the same heels again for another event you can just leave them on and get away with using them twice. Just remember these are made for walking on grass and should only be worn on hard surfaces to and from the grass.

What do you think about this product? Would a pair of your own Grasswalkers be beneficial to you?

Disclosure: This post was a collaboration with Grasswalkers. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Oh wow! What a smart idea. Would only be useful when in the grass and may look funny on other surfaces but if you're going to be on grass for an extended period of time they're perfect

  2. Oops, and I meant to say - the striped shirt is blue and cream/white :)

  3. I totally could have used these Grasswalkers for my last photo shoot at the rose garden. My heels were sticking in the grass. But I'm not sure these are the cutest things ever...but definitely helpful.

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