3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

Let's be real, many of us are on a budget. We try to get the best deals and make anything we buy last as long as possible. Beauty products are some of those things in life that need to get replaced regularly because of how often they are used. The good news is, there are definitely some things that can be done to help get the most out of the money you invest in your favorite products and today I'm going to share three of my tips with you.

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

I tend to rotate the makeup remover wipes I use every now and then but I'm currently using the Fragrance Free Neutrogena Wipes. They're gentle on my skin and do an amazing job of removing all of my makeup prior to washing my face before bed. For $6.99 you get 25 sheets, but what if I were to tell you that you could get 50 sheets for the same price? The trick? Simply cut the sheets in half. That half sheet is honestly all I ever need to remove my makeup (and don't forget you can use both sides of the sheet). I have a pair of scissors in the bathroom that I use to cut one when needed, but you can also pre-cut the whole package and store them in a freezer bag. It's that simple!

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

If you don't want to use your favorite mascara (whether it be high-end or not) on a day you're staying at home, just going on a quick errand or to the gym but still want to wear a little something, here's what to do! The next time you're out shopping, pick up an inexpensive mascara like the Lash Princess Essence Mascara which is cruelty-free and only $4.99! This or any other option your prefer would be great specifically for those days so that your bestie mascara lasts longer.

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

As an ULTA rewards member, I get access to perks such as coupons like $3.50 off of $15 as well as points for every purchase. The great thing about their coupons is that you can use them on top of any promotions they're having on their non-prestige brands (such as Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!). Double the savings always makes my bank account happy. And yes, it's free to sign up!

3 Ways To Do Beauty On A Budget

Speaking of coupons, if you're a Target shopper and don't own the Cartwheel App than you are missing out on so much greatness! It's a free app that helps you to save 5-50% off just because! You can search the items you are buying on the app at home and add any coupons to your "List" or you can scan the items as you go during your shopping trip. After all your items have been rung up, all you have to do is click on "Check Out" and a barcode will appear for the cashier to scan. As you can see above, I simply typed in "makeup" in the search bar and it instantly loaded all the current offers available.

Will you apply any of these tips to your world of beauty too? I'd love to hear of any tips you may have as well! Leave me a comment below or tweet me!

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  1. Ooh, very clever to cut the wipes in half! I use a liquid and buy pads for it which is good so I can use as little as I want.
    I actually haven't been buying as many beauty products these days and luckily have gotten a few things for free that I'm still making use of. And I don't generally wear much makeup anymore. Just blush, mascara and lipstick usually :)