My ULTA Hair Salon Experience

My ULTA Hair Salon Experience | Style through Her Eyes

I've been going back and forth with the idea of a short layered haircut for a while now. I even asked my husband what he thought and he said I should! In fact, he suggested a much shorter haircut than what I went for. That's my adventurer for ya! One morning last week I woke up and just knew it was the day to do it! I'm a huge fan of ULTA and have had my hair cut and styled there a couple times over the course of my married life. Just recently I made an appointment for the same day I called at a newer location just around the corner from where I live. I didn't expect them to have an availability on such short notice so I guess you could say it was meant to be!

My ULTA Hair Salon Experience | Style through Her Eyes

I was greeted with an excited hair stylist who was eager to meet me and look at the photo I had brought for inspiration. She agreed that it would be a great cut for me and listened to my thoughts and concerns. Before we started she offered me water and then we chatted away. She told me she became a stylist because she wanted to make others feel good about themselves to which I couldn't help but "Aww!" over. Seriously, how touching? She took such great care in creating what I envisioned and as we got close to the finishing touches, she received my approval and then went on to make sure everything was as perfect as it could be and straightened my hair for free (normally a $10 charge). This not only helped with the extra texturizing and layering but it gave us a better idea of what it would look like (my hair is way too crazy after being blow dried!). Overall I had a wonderful experience and truly appreciated her passion in making me feel beautiful. We ended the appointment with smiles and hugs.

My hair has never had so much character! Although I will say long hair is still my favorite, this short cut has been a fun change and perfect for the warm months ahead. I am happy with how it looks straightened, twisted, and curled, all looks I have been achieving with my one inch Ultra CHI flat iron.

Haircuts at the ULTA Salon start at $39. You can find more information about the hair services they provide here.

When was the last time you drastically changed your look? Is there a haircut you've been wanting to try yourself?