Unseen Symptoms of Anxiety

Unseen Symptoms of Anxiety | Style Through Her Eyes

Recently my sister-in-law and I were talking about how you can't always tell if someone is experiencing anxiety. A lot of the symptoms are things you just can't see or even sense. Things like heart palpitations, cramping hands (yep, this is a thing), or even bad thoughts are just a few unseen symptoms of anxiety. It's almost overwhelming to think of the long list of things that people could be experiencing on a day to day basis and the fact that you may just never know. It could be someone you know and see everyday at school or work or someone you see once a week at the grocery store.

Want to know just how true this is?

My sister-in-law came with me to a doctor appointment I had scheduled that I was anxious about. It turned out that she was having not only a bad day but an overall rough week. She told me she was having some heart palpitations while we were sitting there in the waiting room and I had no idea. She looked tired but generally comfortable to me. I then told her how anxious I was feeling about the appointment and that my hands were cramping up and she too had no idea! Obviously she knew she was there for moral support but there was no way she could tell my heart was racing much faster than normal or that my hands hurt. She had already cried earlier and I was on the verge of crying. We both have anxiety so that just goes to show you that even two people who have the same mental illness had no idea that the other was experiencing symptoms of it. We briefly talked about how we were feeling, which often is a huge help especially if it's someone who understands what you're dealing with or sincerely wants to.

Tip: No one should ever have to feel alone in the battle against anxiety. If you don't know what to say to someone who is having anxiety the first step is actually just to listen and then ask them how you can make them or their surroundings feel more comfortable. You can also read 3 Things Not To Say To People With Anxiety, a post I wrote a few years ago where I talk about various phrases I have been told and how it made me feel.

I put this post together simply with the intention of wanting to help make you more aware that at any time someone you know, an acquaintance of yours or a stranger could be going through a difficult time due to anxiety. Friends, please strive to be kind and considerate towards others. Even if someone doesn't have anxiety they could still be heavily affected by something. We just don't know. That extra compliment, helpful gesture, or choosing to be patient with someone who is frustrating you with their attitude or words can make all the difference in their day. And let's be honest, everyone could always use a little extra happiness or boost of confidence. People are important and we should make each other feel that way more often.

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